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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Soups for Stomach Ulcers – Okra Soup as a Case Study



If I must talk about soups for stomach ulcers and I don’t mention okra soup, then I should be queried. Yes why? Because the truth is okra is rich in fiber, contains low fat, good source of B vitamins and anti – oxidants and other nutrients suitable for an ulcer patient. All these nutritional values have made okra soup a recommended soup for an ulcer patient.

Generally, there are no particular soups for stomach ulcers as long as that soup contains little or no spices, low fat, and not acidic. This is the reason okra soup seem to be the best fit and also not forgetting the nutritional values discussed earlier.

 To some people okra soup is delicious while to others it seems to be irritating to them because of its texture or taste. Well, whatever condition you may find it for yourself, an ulcer patient should not overlook the power of okra soups for stomach ulcer.

Now what is stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcers is a kind of ulcer that causes sores in the lining of the stomach, thereby inflicting pains and making the body system uncomfortable whenever the person eat foods that are not stomach ulcer friendly. Whenever stomach ulcer is not treated at its early stage, it may develop into stomach cancer or internal bleeding which may result to death of the victim. Stomach ulcer is known to be caused by bacteria known as helicobacter pylori and also the excessive use of anti – oxidant drugs like aspiring. Some of the major symptoms of stomach ulcer include heart burns, irritation of the stomach, pains in the lining of the stomach and others you may experience whenever you take foods that not stomach ulcer friendly.

The power of okra soups for stomach ulcer

Okra soup may not be your best choice of soup but the fact is it may be the soup for body wants if you are diagnosed of stomach ulcer.
Now how does this soup work for stomach ulcer? – find out below
  1. It contains low fat – Eating high fatty foods like butters, fried snacks, creamy salads and their likes are most likely to irritate the stomach of an ulcer patient. So this is one of the reason okra soup is a recommended soup for stomach ulcer.
  2. It has high fiber content which helps to reduce constipation, improve bowel movement and reduces the level of cholesterol the body. All these work together in other get rid of any toxic substance that may be triggering the symptoms of stomach ulcer.
  3. It is rich in anti – oxidants – Foods rich in anti – oxidant help to hinder oxidation in the body system. Oxidation in the body is known to lead to disease like free radicals, cancers, bacteria causing illness and other harmful diseases. So eating okra soup for stomach ulcer is not a bad idea.
  4. You may prepare it with little or no spices and still enjoy – unlike most soups that you can’t enjoy without the presence of spices, okra soup seem to be a unique supplement for your diet. How to prepare okra soup will be discussed here as you read.
  5. It contains important vitamins – as you already know that in all classes of foods, vitamins standout in assisting the body fight against germs and disease. Okra itself is known to contain B vitamins, vitamins C and other vitamins which all work hand in hand to fight against most bacteria causing illnesses.
  6. It contains necessary minerals like manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium are all present in okra which are all necessary for the healthy and proper functioning of the body.

How to prepare okra soup

In a situation where okra soup seems to be a new soup to you, then here is how to prepare.
Ingredients; chopped okra, palm oil, grinned peppers, grinned crayfish, sliced onions, seasoning to taste, salt, and chopped roasted fish.
  1. Light up your cooker
  2. Add little water into your pot and place it on the cooker.
  3. Add little amount of palm oil and allow mixture to get heated.
  4.  Add your grinned peppers, grinned crayfish and sliced onions to the heated mixture.
  5. After few minutes, add the seasonings and salt to taste.
  6. Allow all to boil. While boiling add the chopped okra to the mixture.
  7. After few minutes, put your chopped roasted fish.
  8. Wait for about 2 minutes, your okra soup should be ready.

You may eat this soup with yam flour, semolina, or any other solid food of your choice.  So as an ulcer patient the okra soup should be a great supplement to your diet.

Healthy Diet Practices for an Ulcer Patient

  • An ulcer patient should to eat three hours before going to bed
  • A person suffering from stomach ulcer should learn to chew foods well before swallowing
  • The person should avoid eating a whole big food at a goal. Instead the person should eat multiple small foods in a day.
  • A stomach ulcer patient should avoid smoking.
  • The person should learn to have enough rest after each meal.
  • Adding garlic to your meals when cooking should be a healthy practice for an ulcer patient because of the anti – parasitic properties of garlic.
  • The anti – inflammatory properties of ginger makes it a great supplement to your diets.
  • Drinking raw cabbage juice is also advisable for ulcer patients as it helps to heal the sores in the lining of the stomach.

The Bottom Line
There some other soups for stomach ulcer you can try if you are not pleased with okra soup but the bottom line is that you should make sure your soups are spice free, low fat, low acid, and has high fiber content in other to fit in as a soup for stomach ulcer.
I hope you have learnt about the soups for stomach ulcer and the prerequisite for qualifying a food or soup for an ulcer patient. So share this post using the share button to keep your loved ones informed of the power of okra soup as a treatment for stomach ulcer. But in a situation where you don’t find the okra soup tantalizing enough, please kindly drop your comments below if you know other soups for stomach ulcer.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Stomach Ulcer Diet Restrictions for Ulcer Patients



Stomach ulcer diet restrictions are foods to avoid whenever you are diagnosed of stomach ulcer which is also known as peptic ulcer. This kind of ulcer does lead to sore in the lining of the stomach thereby inflicting pains on the victim whenever he/she eats foods that are not stomach ulcer friendly. It is the belief of most people that our choice of foods is one the main causes of stomach ulcer but this has been proven to be false because stomach ulcer is actually caused by a bacteria known as helicobacter pylori and also the excessive use of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen could be another cause of stomach ulcer.

There are different kinds of diet in the world today but the best of all is the balanced diet. Yes, whenever you have a balanced diet there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm even if you are an ulcer patient. It is said that your diet choice is not the cause of stomach ulcer but there are some foods that actually trigger the pains in the stomach whenever you are diagnosed of stomach ulcer. Some of the foods to avoid with stomach ulcer are discussed below;

  1.           Peppery foods; Try as much as possible to restrict yourself from these foods because they are bound to cause irritation in the lining of the stomach to most affected people. They hurt the victim due to their hot nature.
  2.         Alcoholic Substance; if you are a type that cannot resist the temptation of alcohol, then it is obvious that you are not ready to heal your stomach ulcer because alcoholic substances are known to increase the acidity of the stomach ulcer thereby delaying the healing process of stomach ulcer. Restricting yourself alcoholic wine, liquor, beer and their likes would be of a great benefit for you.
  3.         Caffeine Product; among the stomach ulcer diet restrictions is coffee, because it is known to prolong the healing of the sores in the stomach lining. So try as much as possible to limit the intake of coffee in other to remain healthy again.
  4.        Citrus Fruit; Citrus fruits like orange contain some organic acid such as the citric acid which is capable of triggering the symptoms of stomach ulcer any time they are taken. Make sure you avoid the intake of some other citrus fruits and their juices as they may be acidic in nature.
  5.        Fried Foods; Fried foods, especially the high fat ones like plantain chips, fried potatoes, pastas, cookies, pies should be reduced to their beeriest minimum because they are also known to irritate the stomach of an ulcer patient.
  6.        Red Meat; Stay away from red meat because they tend to be more acidic compared to other meats. Meanwhile acidic substances are not friends of stomach ulcer; it will inflict more pains on the victim, thereby delaying the total healing process of the stomach ulcer.
  7.         Chocolates; if you are a victim of stomach ulcer and you find chocolates to be heartburn whenever you take them, it is advisable you limit its intake else the stomach ulcer may seem to last forever.
  8.         Dairy Products; Dairy products finds its way to this list because some dairy products like flavored cheese may be high in fat and protein; hence they trigger the stomach ulcer symptoms. So be watchful of the kind of dairy products you eat.
  9.           Processed Foods; Food that must have gone through transformation in the industry should be avoided because they tend to contain substances that are not ulcer friendly.
  10.        High Fat Foods; all foods that contain high fats belong to the list of foods to avoid with stomach ulcer as they may irritate the stomach of the affected person. Some of them include, seasoned salad, gravy, high fat butters with bread and so many other foods that rich in fat.
  11.        Highly spiced foods; yes, try as much as possible to stay away from these foods, no matter how challenging it may be, it is high time you sacrificed them because spicy foods cause heartburn and they are not by any way ulcer friendly.

Foods for ulcer relief you may eat

Just the same way we have some stomach ulcer diet restrictions so we have diets that are allowed with stomach ulcer as most of them listed below are really helpful. Below are the best foods to eat when you have stomach ulcer.

  • Vegetables except peppers
  • Fruits except the acidic ones
  • Cherries
  •  Honey
  • Olive oil
  •  Carrots
  •  Apples
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Turmeric
  •  Strawberries

The foods listed above are not the only for foods meant for an ulcer patient, there are many more if more research is made. The bottom line is that anybody suffering from stomach ulcer should try eat foods rich in anti oxidants, just as the once above because antioxidant help to cleanse your immune system thereby fighting against all sort of infections. In addition try eating acid blocking foods and also low fat foods too.

Healthy diet practices that helps stomach ulcer

  •  Make sure you don’t eat within three hours before going to sleep.
  •  Avoid eating excess meal at a goal; instead you should break your meals by eating more times in a day.
  •  Make sure you chew you foods well before swallowing them.
  •  Do not rush your foods.
  • Avoid swallowing seed whenever you eat fruits.
  • Your diets should be rich in fiber.
  •  Make sure you have enough rest before and after each meal.

Well, ulcer patients should be aware of these diet restriction discussed here today and also take advantage of the foods recommended. It is advisable for them to start eating healthy and try as much as possible to visit their doctors for other proper medications because stomach ulcer can be cured compared to that of stomach cancer and internal bleed which happens to be a result of an untreated stomach ulcer. I hope you take advantage of these stomach ulcer diet restrictions you’ve got here today; you may share this article with your friends using the share buttons.  We will also love to hear from you in the comment section below thanks.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

What Does Drinking Raw Eggs Do For Your Health - Read This Now Before You Start Drinking



What does drinking raw eggs do for you? She asked curiously. I smiled and told her that it actually does a lot for me. We used to be class mates at college level, so she does see me drink raw eggs every break period and that was what brought about that particular question. Well at my teens I used to be a skinny guy who was so in haste on becoming fat, so I thought of trying the raw eggs since it is said to contain some healthy fat and some other nutrient to help me get a healthier look.  Meanwhile, some people find drinking raw eggs irritating while others find it benefiting especially when drinking it along with milk. The reason I preferred raw eggs then was because I have this belief that the nutrients are still it their natural state not until the day I heard of an infection called salmonella which can be gotten from drinking raw eggs. Since then I started making cooked eggs a substitute but that didn’t stop me from drinking my usually raw eggs once a while. It is said that the benefits of raw eggs and cooked eggs are almost at the same level. So today on what does drinking raw eggs do for you, we shall be discussing under the following sub headings.

  • About eggs
  • Nutritional values of raw eggs
  • Benefits of drinking raw eggs
  • How to drink raw eggs – raw eggs preparation and recipe
  • The salmonella infection
  • How to avoid the risk of getting infected with salmonella
  • Other bad sides of drinking raw eggs and their good news

About eggs

Eggs are known to have high nutritional value which has made most homes use it as a healthy supplement in their meals. However, some people prefer drinking it in its raw form but the effect of drinking raw eggs is still unknown to some people.

 Cooked eggs are good but not as good as raw eggs due to the fact that when eggs are cooked, the quality of some important vitamins tend to drop but the irony of it is that these raw eggs which are richer in vitamins are more harmful than cooked eggs because drinking these raw eggs increase the risk of a bacterial infection known as salmonella and some other deficiency. So here is my reply to the person that asked me this question ‘’what does drinking raw eggs do for you?

Nutritional values of raw eggs

I will start by letting you know that raw eggs has some nutritional values which are really essential for the proper functioning of the body. An average egg weighing about 50grams is known to contain about 6grams of protein, 72calories, 5grams of fat, 22percent of selenium, 10percent of phosphorous, 6percent of folate, 13person of vitamin B2, 9percent of vitamin A, 8percent of vitamin B5, and 7percent of vitamin B2. With all these nutritional values, I don’t think you still need to be asking what drinking raw eggs do for me. But nevertheless, the nutritional values of raw eggs may not be enough reason for you to conclude that drinking raw eggs is actually good for me because the nutritional in raw eggs is almost same as that in cooked eggs. So there is a need to check out the benefits of drinking raw eggs below.

Benefits of drinking raw eggs

Now, what does drinking raw eggs do for you? Well, drinking raw eggs has some valuable benefits which are the reasons drinking raw eggs became my favorite while I was still a teenager.  If you are still interested in knowing what drinking raw eggs actually does for me, then continue reading.

  • Raw eggs are richer in essential vitamins; unlike the cooked eggs where the efficiency of these vitamins is reduced, raw eggs contain the whole values without being harmful. Where these vitamins all have their important roles they in the human body, the vitamins A, E, D and K are known to work hand in hand in assisting the proper functioning of our cells while the vitamin B12 on other hand assists in the breaking of fats, proteins and carbohydrate. It is also said that Vitamin D cut down the risk of getting cancer by half.

  • Drinking raw eggs reduce the risk of allergies; it has been discovered eating cooked eggs could be a cause of allergies because when these eggs are heated, the chemical shape of the proteins present in the eggs are altered.

  •  Raw eggs assist in the proper functioning of the brain and heart; the presence of choline in raw eggs improves the brain function and also assists in the preservation of memory. This choline plays a major role in the proper functioning of the heart.

  • Raw eggs contain essential anti oxidants; with the help of anti oxidants like lutein, zeaxathin, and caro tenoids which are essential anti oxidants that protect the body from age related eye disease also known as macular degeneration. I think the benefits of raw eggs cannot be overlooked.

To all those still asking ‘’what does drinking raw eggs do for you’’ I believe you are now convince that raw eggs do a lot for but don’t get it twisted. I am not saying raw eggs are better than cooked nor saying that cooked eggs are better than raw eggs. It is thing of choice, depending on your personal health requirements meanwhile you shall get to know the bad side of drinking raw eggs because everything that has good, have their own bad too. But before moving to that I will like to let you know how I drink my raw eggs below.

How to drink raw eggs – raw eggs preparation and recipe

When talking of how to drink raw eggs, there are different ways to do that, depending on how it suit your needs but all still revolves around buying your eggs, breaking it, stirring it and drinking it. Drinking raw eggs has never looked beautiful and delicious to those who haven’t tried it but as for me I prefer drinking it along with milk in other to improve its taste and also to suit my weight gain goal need. Others may prefer to blend them with avocado or raw honey; you may also decide to mix it with any smoothie ranging from bananas, pure vanilla, peanut butter, cocoa powder e.t.c  depending on what you think can make it has a pleasant taste for you. Always remember to wash these eggs thoroughly in other to reduce the risk of getting infected with salmonella.

The salmonella infection

Have you heard about salmonella? I think I must have mentioned it in this article before now; well salmonella seem to be the most common infection that could be gotten from drinking raw eggs. It is a harmful bacterium that is gotten from the egg shells or actually inside the egg which can lead to food poison. You already know that food poison has never been a friend to the body system whereby causing diarrhea, stomach ache, fever, nausea e.t.c. This is to tell you how bad salmonella can be.

How to avoid the risk of getting infected with salmonella

Now you must be thinking why the good gone bad right? Here is the good news – According research, it is said that the risk of getting salmonella is very low which is only about 0.003 percent as most of these raw eggs can be pasteurized to avoid the risk of salmonella. Pasteurization is a method used in reducing the number of bacteria and other harmful micro organisms through heating; therefore it is advisable for you to buy pasteurized eggs.

Other bad sides of drinking raw eggs and their good news

Aside from the risk of getting infected with bacteria there some other bad effects of the excess drinking of raw eggs which will be discussed below.

The Biotin Deficiency; biotin also know as vitamin B7 is an essential vitamin in the body which aids the production of glucose and fatty acids may not be absorbed in the body due to the presence of protein substance in raw eggs known as Avidin. This Avidin is found in the raw egg white, it is known to bind with biotin to prevent its absorption in the small intestine.

The Good News; the good news is that biotin deficiency will only occur when you drink raw eggs in excess, that is drinking about 12 raw eggs per day for a long period of time. So who does that? Nothing in excess is good actually.

Decline in protein absorption; It is said that protein are more absorbed in the body with cooked eggs compared to raw eggs where a study found that only 50 percent of protein in raw eggs are absorbed but 90 percent in cooked eggs.

The Good News: Well since the absorption of protein in the body by drinking raw eggs is at average, then why not replace the rest with protein rich foods like milk and it likes.

In summary since the bad sides of drinking raw eggs has their precautions, I can easily conclude that it is safe to drink raw eggs but safer to eat cooked eggs since the dangers in raw eggs cannot be found in cooked eggs. But nevertheless I will like to hear from you in the comment section – what does drinking raw eggs do for you? Good, bad or you don’t drink raw? Let us hear from you.
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Monday, January 28, 2019

How To Increase Testosterone In Men?


Courtesy of: Testosteronerd.com


It is believed that men's health is a purely urological or hormonal problem, but in reality, the question is much broader. Men from 30 years old begin to notice a decrease in working capacity, endurance, and sexual activity. Doctors are increasingly diagnosed failures in the cardiovascular system of young and not very men. All this is due primarily to a decrease in the level of the male hormone Testosteronerd

Testosterone Value

Testosterone - the main "male hormone", is synthesized in the testicles and, to a lesser extent, in the adrenal cortex.

Symptoms Associated With Insufficient Testosterone Secretion Include

·         Impotence,
·         Reduced sexual desire
·         Fatigue
·         Depressed mood
·         Sleep disturbance
·         Hair loss,
·         Decrease in strength of muscle and increase in fat,
·         Excessive sweating.

   It is known that with a decrease in testosterone, many men look sluggish, tired, weakened. Testosterone contributes to the preservation of muscle mass and strength, the rational distribution of adipose tissue, the preservation of bone mass, contributes to the production of sperm, sexual desire and potency.
·         Reasons for reducing testosterone levels:
·         Age changes;
·         Stress, inadequate rest, overwork at work;
·         Taking alcohol or psychostimulants;
·         Associated diseases, including overweight and related diseases: hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

After 40 years, Testosterone level will automatically decrease in the blood begins to fall by 1% per year. With a critical decrease in testosterone levels, manifestations of male menopause begin: decreased performance and immunity, bouts of depression and irritability, brittle bones, age-related ailments, not to mention reduced potency.

However, the danger to health with a decrease in testosterone production is threatened not only by pensioners. In the course of joint research, cardiologists and endocrinologists have found that one of the main causes of myocardial infarction in young men is a temporary deficiency of the hormone testosterone in the body. It is necessary for the representatives of the stronger sex to be a little nervous, overstrain, get sick or starve, as the level of the male hormone testosterone decreases.

How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

The first way is to improve the quality of food. If the quality of food does not satisfy the body, then it is not able to produce the necessary hormones, proteins, enzymes, including testosterone. Products that increase testosterone: seafood, wholemeal bread, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, lean, lean meats and brittle cheeses. You also need to make sure that the body gets enough B vitamins, especially B6 and B12. To increase testosterone levels in men, you also need to take care of the level of zinc in the body (lack of it in the body leads to low levels of libido in both men and women). Strengthening the intake of essential vitamins and minerals, you thereby provide your "production" of testosterone with the necessary raw materials.

The second method is the use of hormonal drugs that increase the level of testosterone (replacement therapy).

The use of such drugs reduces the mass of adipose tissue of the body, increases lean body mass, prevents bone loss. Androgens also have a positive psychotropic effect by improving mood.

The third way. In addition to hormonal drugs based on testosterone, there are non-hormonal Para-Pharmaceutical   that affect the synthesis of their own hormones. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

How To Become Fat From Thin Quickly Aside Eating A Lot

image source: igno.com


When talking of how to become fat from thin, the question that may probably pop up the mind of a thin/skinny guy whenever he feels intimidated by the physique of his peers? Yes, it is widely known that excessive fat ‘’obesity’’ is actually harmful and could kill if proper care is not taken. This is a more reason the search for a solution to lose excess fat/weight is much compared to that of weight/fat loss.

But in a situation where the fat loss is below normal level, there is also a need to be bothered because the body fat performs its own wonderful functions for the body to remain healthy like the likes of regulating the body temperature and the absorption of vitamins to the body. In a situation where the fat loss is increased to a level where one becomes thin, skinny unhealthy, it’s definitely going to affect the overall weight of the person.

Fat loss, in most occasions is unintentional. A person may become thin as a result of a recent illness, surgery or loss of appetite e.t.c. In the course of looking up on how to become fat from thin, we shall go through the following sub headings that shall be discussed below.

  1. The difference between fat loss and fat weight loss
  2. The standard body fat percentage
  3. Healthy foods that can make you become fat quickly.
  4. Why you don’t gain fat even though you eat a lot.       
  5. The need for exercise when trying to become fatter
  6. Other amazing ways to become fat from thin aside from eating a lot.


The terms fat loss and weight loss is sometimes confused to mean the same thing because both losses are likely to result to one loss which is the weight loss. Whenever you lose weight, your body fat percentage may not reduce but whenever you lose fat, it is certain that you are going to lose weight.

How? Because the body fat is just one of the constituents of humans overall weight while the body weight consist everything ranging from muscle mass, water weight, organs, bowel content, including body fat.

This is also a reason why people are likely to lose weight even without much exercise also the reason why human weight tend to fluctuate sometime because the quantity some constituents of the overall body weight does changes with time like the likes of water mass and bowel content.

So therefore to this end thin people should be aware that they can gain weight without getting fat but you can gain fat and gain weight equally. How this is done the healthy way would be discussed as you read on.


As discussed earlier that the body is just a constituent of the body weight. Now the question is how do I know the when the amount of fat in my body is enough and won’t become a curse for me instead of blessing? Well I know as a desperate skinny guy/lady who is probably still pondering on how to become fat from thin, he/she won’t mind the rate at wish his/her body accumulates fat which is dangerous because excess fat in the body could lead to obesity and other related health problems.

In other to avoid this, it is necessary you know your body fat percentage. Now, the body fat tissue is majorly made of two kinds which include the essential fat and storage fat. These fats are very useful for the proper functioning of the human body because they have different roles to play for the stability of human’s health.

 Now the essential fat is normally found in between the marrow of the bones and it is responsible for the shapes of some organs in the body, it also aids the formation of the human central nervous system. Therefore, need for essential fat in the body cannot be underestimated. The women hormone is bound to accumulate more essential fat compared to men because they need it for their possibility to survive pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Meanwhile the storage fat is normally stored underneath the skin and deep inside the belly around some organs of the body where it aids the cushioning of those organs. They also assist in absorbing vitamins and regulating the body temperature.

Having known the importance of fat in the body, the question now is – how much fat do I need to become fat from thin? Well according to research made, it is known that a man needs an average of 3 percent of essential fat and 15 to 20 percent of storage fat for the proper functioning of the body. But in the case of women, it is bit higher because the women need about 13 percent of essential fat and 20 – 25 percent of storage fat so as to increase their chances of getting pregnant and breastfeeding as stated earlier.


A person that actually wants to become fat from thin must make food high in calories his/her best friend and also the person should note that he/she must take in more calories than they burn. The truth is that a thin person who does not eat enough food will ever remain thin, so all you need to do is to double the number of plates you eat per day. If you feel you are used to eating little quantity of foods and can’t take a heavy meal at a time then you can try taking mini meals multiple times per day.

Talking of the quality and the kind of meals it takes for a skinny person to become fat. You think of taking enough foods like dried nuts, peanut butter sandwich together with a full bread, banana, sweet potato, strawberry smoothie, and yogurt, olive oil, roasted chicken and some others that would still be discussed as you read on. Eating these together with your meal daily will help hasten your fat gain goal.

Another thing you should note is that drinking fluid before eating each meal with reduce your chance of consuming enough foods so it advisable that you don’t drink before any meal so as gain the complete value of your meal. In case it is necessary for you to drink in between meals, you should ensure that these drinks too should contain enough calories for you to get maximum result. Now on how to become fat from thin, below is some group of foods you should try eating regularly for a quicker result.

  • PRODUCTS RICH IN MILK:  Ice creams, cottage cheese, butter, milk, sour cream among others are all good sources of fat and calories; they also contain some essential nutrients like the likes of calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, taking these regularly may actually help in becoming fat from thin.
  • FOODS THAT ARE FRIED: When you hear the word fry, your instincts should direct you that it actually involves the presence of oil and oil is a main constituent of fat.  Now eating foods like French fries, fried egg, fried meat, fried chickens, among other foods that are fried regularly will help increase the amount of body fat and calories in the body.
  • PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATE: The processed carbohydrates are known to contain lower fiber content compared to that of unprocessed carbohydrate. The low fiber content in processed carbohydrate makes it easier for one to get satisfied quickly, so this in helps to increase one chance of having more of it. Where by these carbohydrate products contain calories enough to make one become fatter. Examples of these processed carbohydrates are soft drinks, juice, whine, cup cakes, white bread, sugar, packaged cereals among others.


We have just finished discussing how to become fat from thin just by eating healthy high calorie foods but there seem to be some people who feel no matter how much or what they eat, they won’t become fat but rather remain skinny.

Well, there is a reason behind that and that thing is known as high BMR which means high basal metabolic rate.  I believe by now you must be curious about that thing called BMR, so what is BMR? To keep off suspense BMR is the minimum amount of energy used every second by human whenever he or is at state of rest. This energy could be used on breathing, pumping of the heart, the functioning of the brain, among others. Now these activities must surely occur in other to keep one alive but the rate at which it does this is important even when at state of rest, so the fact is people with high BMR burn more calories when in a state of rest compared to that of those with low BMR. This is the reason why these set of people do not become fat despite eating a whole lot of foods. This BMR is known to decrease as one grows older but increases as one muscle mass increases.


Due to the fact that you are in a rush to become fat from thin, you totally forgot about exercise meanwhile it is not suppose to be like that. In a situation whereby you’ve started gaining some fat, it necessary you start doing some exercise in other to remain healthy. It is not until you lift heavy all day and night till you become fit. Just hitting the gym at least once a week is enough to make you become fit as long as you gain enough fat.

Even those that have eating a whole lot of fat foods but not seeing result, it also necessary they do exercise because there might be possibility that they posses they characteristics of the Indian people who known to have a thin-fat phenotype that is their body is capable of storing fat but they still look thin physically. Therefore is need for exercise once a while when trying to become fat in other to maintain a healthy and stable heath.


 When we talk of how to become fat from thin, we should not only fix all our energy on eating and eating alone. There are other amazing practices that can get you a faster result but one needs to be careful trying them out because when they become excess they become harmful. In fact anything in excess is harmful. So below so other ways that make you become fatter.


You know how important protein can be to our body ranging from support cell growth to repairing worn out tissues but in our quest to become fat from thin, reducing the rate at wish we eat protein rich foods should be considered a sacrifice. How? Why? Because protein rich foods are known to make one gets satisfied easily thereby limit the desire to take enough fat, sugary and carbohydrate rich food. Proteins are also known to boost lean mass which is obviously not the goal of a person who is trying to become fat from thin.


 You may wonder how this could be of help to a person trying to gain fat. Well do you know that sleeping lesser than you body requires should be considered a sacrifice because the benefits of sleep cannot be overlook but you need to become fat right? Now take a look at it from this angle, it is known that sleep than the required time tends to increase mans appetite for food. Now that your quest for food is increased, I think is time to take advantage of it so you can eat enough food to make you become fatter.


  Even if this food is low in fat you may start your day with it because it is capable of making you hungry sooner thereby giving you some more foods to take some more fat and carbohydrate foods.
Adding sugar to each of your meal can make you achieve your fat gain goal quicker.

Also eating a lot of gluten rich foods like pizza, bread, pasta, among others can make you become fat as soon as possible.

Like I said earlier too much of everything could be dangerous so as soon as you’ve started seeing an increase in your body fat percentage, it is advisable to make exercise your friend in other to burn excess fat. Having talked about how to become fat from thin, the articles below maybe helpful those trying to lose weight.

Find out more @ www.myhealthgist.com.ng 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cell Phone Brain Cancer: Can Your Mobile Phone Cause Brain Tumor? See Here!



Cell phone brain cancer is commonly related to brain tumors where brain tumors are known as growth of abnormal cell in your brain. This brain tumor is majorly spitted into two; the benign and the malignant. The benign which is not cancerous while the malignant is cancerous, though that a topic for another day.
There are several kinds of brain tumors falling under the two categories mentioned above but one of them is globlastomas which is one we are discussing today.  Here are some facts for you to give you an instinct of the answer to the question ‘can your mobile phone cause brain tumors?

Do you know?

  • The symptoms of brain tumors cannot be defined, they vary according to their sizes, locations, and rate of growth.
  • Primary brain tumor begins in the brain itself to due to genetic mutation in their DNA.
  • Secondary brain tumors are caused by cancers somewhere else in the body before spreading to brain.
  • The types of secondary brain tumors got there name from the kind of cancer that caused it
  • Radiation from cell phone is capable of causing tumors in male rat hearts which is known has schwannomas.
  • Studies have shown that people who use heavy cell phones have higher chances of getting schwannomas in their inner ears.
  • Studies have shown that radiation from cell phone tend to make male rats live longer because it prevents them from certain kind of diseases.
  • Keeping cell phone in your pocket is gradually reducing the mobility of your sperm due to radiation.
  • One of the best ways to reduce the risk of brain tumor is by keeping your phone faraway from whenever you are about to sleep.
  • So far so good, different experiments have been made concerning the cell phone and brain tumor but there is yet to documented result about mobile phone causing brain tumor which is the most widely know cell phone brain cancer.

Now you have some fact about cell phone brain cancer till we find out the truth let’s make sure we try our possible best to stay away from any form of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is a proven cause of brain tumor unlike the cell phone which is not an ionizing radiation. Cell phone emits non ionizing form of radiation. For more checkout the harmful effects of mobile phone

Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phone You Should Know Before You Die



We may not know the harmful effect of mobile phone but we will agree that mobile phone is connected to our daily live activities. Over 75% of youths especially between the ages 18 to 29 can’t really live a comfortable life without their mobile phone being close to them. Though nobody is to be blamed; the numerous benefits of using a mobile phone caused it and can’t be underestimated.

As you actually know that this article you are reading for free can be read with your mobile phone, which is if you are actually using another ICT system.

It is also said that 91% of adults and 60% of teens in America make use of their mobile phones, most especially for the purpose of communication.
The benefit of mobile phone is not actually the reason you landed on this page, so let’s get down to business. Do you know the frequent usage of mobile phone can actually cause the following?

   1.       It can increase the risk of cell phone brain cancer.
    2.       It can affect your immune system, thereby causing ill health.

    3.       It can lead to low sperm count in men
    4.       It can affect your vision in the future.
    5.       Increase your level of stress.

Yes, you must have thought of others but save that for another day you are visiting here, smiles.

Now, the question that pops up to your mind now is “how are these possible? Don’t worry we shall find out below.

  • The frequent usage of cell phone increasing the risk of cell phone cancer: Studies have shown that cell phone emits some kind of radio waves which comes in form electromagnetic radiation. The fact that this electromagnetic radiation and cancer are highly connected with wireless local network (Wi-Fi), has boosted the controversies surrounding the relation of cell phone and cancer. The human body is said to absorb the radiation emitted by the by the cell phone. Though, this radiation is spitted into two kinds which include the ionizing radiation and the non ionizing radiation. The major differences between these radiation is that, the ionizing radiation has some kind of effects on the DNA which can lead to the increase in risk of cancer while the non ionizing radiation are mostly known to emit heat.Cell phones are included in the list of gadgets that emits non ionizing radiation; another example is the micro wave oven.Ever since there have being different kind of researches and studies, no clear evidence has been brought to notice about the issues of your cell phone giving you cancer. Even at this, you need to be really careful at the frequent usage of cell phone because studies are still currently on concerning this, most especially the relation of between cell phones and brain tumor, find out more about brain tumor here.The most effective way to avoid being a victim of this is to always remember to take your phone away from your head side whenever you are set for bed.

  • It can affect your immune system, thereby causing ill health:  The harmful effects of mobile phone do not only increase the risk of brain cancer. As a matter of fact, your phone does not only house your important information, it also serves a home of dangerous of micro organisms because the culture of us taking our phone wherever is not dyeing anytime soon. Some of us are even guilty of taking our phone to the restroom and other places that are exposed to harmful micro organisms.This will certainly put a victim at really high risk of infections.According to recent research made, our cell phone known to cause diseases like diarrhea, staphylococcus aurous, vomiting, and other skin infections.

  • It can lead to low sperm count in men :  Yes it has been confirmed that the radiation we discussed above that is known to cause cancer is said to also have effect on the fertility of males. Studies have shown that a cell phone can reduce the sperm count in male rats; same was also observed in human when Wdowiak A and colleagues made some research which led to the discovery that a group of who used cell phone more frequently is highly prone to infertility.

  • It can affect your vision the future: People often use their  cell phone for getting information online, reading eBooks, messages, reading stuffs online  e.t.c. but the fact that the letters on these cell phones have smaller sizes , people tend to strain their eyes.  Straining your eyes for a very long period of time can lead to eye effects like eye dryness, eye irritation and also causes redness of the eyes.

  • It increases your level of stress: You will actually be wondering how this was possible right? Yea it is. People tend to get tensed up whenever they are unable to get access to their mobile phone, whenever their phone battery is dead or the lack of airtime or data for people to get in touch. These are some of the things that tend to increase the level of stress in people.

This is not the end, there are a lot more harmful effects of mobile phone  which are not directly health related but still the fact remains that mobile is capable of destroying you.  So make use you of your mobile phone wisely;

  •  Whenever you are off to bed take your phone away to avoid the harmful effects of radiation.
  •  Always make use of sensitizer because of you are very likely to come directly in contact with bacteria whenever you make use of your mobile phone.
  •  Increase the fonts of your phone text to avoid straining your eyes

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