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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Applying Honey On Face Overnight – Getting Fresh Like A New Born Baby



Applying honey on face overnight can make you get fresh like a new born baby. Yes honey is sweet right but do you know that the sweetness of honey is beyond the taste bud? Yes the sweetness is also passed to the beauty of the skin and its numerous healing properties. Have you ever asked someone the secret of his/her beauty and the person tells you that its honey? Well, whatever your answer maybe but I can tell you today that honey is one the most natural skin important skin supplement. Yes applying honey on face overnight can make your skin smooth and fresh like that of a new born baby. Now you begin to wonder how this works but before moving further I will like you to go through some facts about honey below.

  • Honey has been for over 4000 years.
  • Honey does not get spoilt if well preserved.
  • Honey is great source of anti-oxidant and flavonoid which are very good for the health.
  • Honey has an anti-bacterial property which makes it capable of fighting against some bacterial causing illnesses.
  • Honey is taken by athletes to boost their energy.
  • Honey can be used in place of sugar in most cases and it is healthier than sugar.

Having gone through some facts about honey, we shall be discussing under the following sub headings;

  1. The overall beauty benefits of honey.
  2. How to apply honey on face overnight.
  3. The best kind of honey to satisfy your needs(Manuka Honey)


Aside the benefits of sleeping with honey on face every day, which will be discussed in this article; there are other great works the honey does for the overall beauty of man ranging from skin, lips, down to the hair. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungi and anti-inflammatory properties make this really possible; don’t be surprised when you see people store bottles of honey under their care, it is beyond enjoying its sweetness in their mouth. Below are some of the benefits of honey on our body beauty.

  • APPLYING HONEY FOR ACNE AND PIMPLES: Acne and pimples needs no introduction, well if you want me to go into details, then you can read this link..natural treatment for acne and pimples here. The bacteria causing acne and pimple can be attacked by honey because of the anti-bacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of honey. All you have to do is to take a piece of cotton wool and dab it on the affected area before going to bed every night.

  • HONEY MOSTRIZES THE SKIN: The mixture of honey and aleo vera gel works suitably for your skin moisture or by simply mixing honey with your body cream because is known be a natural humectants which is capable of drawing moisture from the atmosphere there by hydrating the skin when applied.

  • HONEY AS A SLIP END REMOVER: You may be battling with split end but don’t let that add to your headache. With the help of honey and olive oil you can easily get rid of split ends without stress, all you need is applying the mixture at the end of your scalp before going to sleep at night. Another wonderful benefit is that it treats dry ends.

  • HONEY REDUCES SKIN SCARS: Having scars on the body may make ones skin look unattractive but since honey is said to lighten the skin. You always apply honey on the affected surface then cover the area with bandage every night before going to bed.


I believe you have gotten the benefits of honey on skin and you know that the face is also a part of the skin, so same benefits applies to the skin. Sleeping with honey on your face over night is one of those practices you must have heard about but you probably might know how to go about it. Though honey is a very great supplement for the skin does not really mean it won’t need the support of any other material to get a good result. In this section, we are going to treat processes involved in applying honey on skin with other mixtures overnight that is when necessary. To get the maximum benefits of honey have to get down to the processes below.

  • STEP ONE: The basic step: You actually know what this means, yea start from somewhere it’s probably your first night of practice so you have to get the most of it. It is the mixture of raw honey and a spoon of baking soda; Simple, you rinse off you face with warm water, and then gently apply the mixture in circular motion on the following spots below; the forehead, cheek and the chin. 

  • STEP TWO: The major aim of this step is to shrink your pores: That moment your pores are shrank, most the micro organism causing skin infections would be forcefully pulled out of their positions. Now to get this done all you have to do is get an organic egg, break it in a bowl and mix. Take one spoon from it, mix with honey and then apply on your face to form a mask. At this stage, you may not necessarily need to sleep with it overnight that is if you begin to feel your skin begin to tighten. Your skin should begin to tighten probably after 10 to 15 minutes, just wash off the mask with warm water.

  • STEP THREE: This is probably for those with oily skin; these are the people that are prone to infections like acne and pimples. Here there is one important ingredient to mix with it which is strawberry because it has a natural source of salicylic acid which made it an important supplement found in most acne prevention creams. So all you have to do is extract the juice of about a quarter of a glass, then mix with a spoon of raw honey. Apply on your face before going to bed at night but remember to wash off the mixture with warm water in the morning.

  •  STEP FOUR:  This is actually the most important aspect where you will find your skin fresh like that of a new born baby.  Here you will be needing varieties of ingredients to get your desired result. You have get a mixture of grated cucumber, one quarter of a cup of lemon juice, oats, five spoons of organic milk and five spoons of honey. After getting this mixture done, you are required to apply it on your face before sleeping at night. By the time you wash off your with warm water in the morning, you will realize how fresh you are going to look like. You can repeat the whole process again and again.

  •  STEP FIVE: Well this step may not be necessary if you are not a type battling with a dry skin. Honey in addition with jojoba oil and lemon juice mixture can solve this problem, just apply the on your face the wash off the mask after about a period of 10 – 15 minutes.


Yes, we have been discussing about honey all through but have you ever wondered if it is all kinds of honey that is capable of doing that entire discussed above. Well the answer is NO because there a lot of fake honey out there but there is one highly recommend and quality honey which is capable of suiting your needs.

THE MANUKA HONEY : This is a raw, organic honey or unprocessed found in the native of New Zealand which is capable of fighting against bacteria and also has an anti-inflammatory property which helps in the treatment of skin inflammation which can be caused by Acne and Pimples.

Manuka Honey is also a known skin supplement which helps to soften the skin, boost healing of skin wounds, reduces pain on skin wounds, keeps the skin bacterial and inflammation free and improves the skin appearance.

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed the article and learnt a lot from it. If yes don’t enjoy alone, try to use the social share button below to pass it across to your friends on social media. Also remember to share your thought in the comment section below. Visit www.myhealthgist.com.ng for more, we hope to see you here again. I hope you now know the processes involved in applying honey on face overnight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Does The Cucumber Diet Actually Work For Weight Loss? – The Truth



Does the cucumber diet actually work? Yes this is an important question that requires an urgent answer because I see no reason you are still in doubt if what you actually read/heard/saw about cucumber diet working for weight loss was correct. Well, we are humans so we tend to believe in the saying ‘’seeing is believe’’ but if I was to rephrase that word, I would rather say ‘’testing/experimenting is believe’’.  Yes because you can’t actually conclude an issue without you making any effort to try it out yourself.

In a situation where you have actually made an attempt to lose your weight using the cucumber diet method but failed. You deserve an accolade for carrying out the experiment yourself; well another question is if you did it the right way. We shall get to know if the cucumber diet actually works or does not. If you are convinced that it works, you are going to know how to do it the right way. All these shall be discussed in the sections below.

  1.           What people are saying about cucumber diet actually working for weight loss on Quora?
  2.           Our say on cucumber diet for weight loss.
  3.           Doing it the right way – how to make cucumber diet actually work for you.
  4.          The cucumber diet benefits.


I can remember very well, that evening my cousin was like ‘’ I am too fat, I have tried all I could to lose weight but it’s like am not getting it right’’. Amazingly, my reply was ‘’ Have you tried the cucumber diet?’’. Actually I was not the fat type though but I recently published a post on the cucumber diet benefits  where it was clearly proven that the cucumber diet actually works for weight loss. I have also come across so many other publications talking about the benefits of mixing cucumber in our diet. So her reply was like ’’ does the cucumber diet actually work?’’, at this point I said I would get back to her. Well we haven’t communicated since then, in case she brings up the issue again I would refer her to this post.

Well, considering the fact that some people are still in doubt about this cucumber diet for weight loss. It quickly occurred to me to visit ‘’quora’’ a website which is designed for people to ask questions relating to certain problem while others provide answers, possible solutions and suggestions. After the research, below is what people are saying concerning cucumber diet for weight loss.

Anne Ferguson answered the question ‘’Are cucumber good for weight loss?’’
His answer goes thus;
Cucumbers are a whole natural food that contribute to the building of whole healthy cells. Cucumbers provide you with fiber, energy, vitamins, and minerals. Cucumbers do not burn the fat cells off of your body; however, they also do not contribute to the production of new fat cells.
Should you eat only cucumbers you will perish from mal nourishment, if you eat cucumbers along with 2 boxes of Oreos every day you will most likely gain weight and perish from mal nourishment.
Food of any sort, good or bad, does not help you lose weight. Food is the ingredient for building healthy cells. Food helps you build weight or mass. The question is always the quality of the weight or mass we are building. Are we making healthy lean liver cells or unnecessary fat cells or even worse cancerous cells?
Every day our cell dies and every day we make new ones. In other words every day we lose weight. If we don't re-build our cells with nutritious foods, we will lose weight to death. Starvation is the failure to build new cells.
Cucumber might, inadvertently help me lose weight, because it provides me with the energy I need to burn off and kill those fat cells. Ultimately cucumber is one of the myriad of whole, natural, nutrient dense foods that contributes to the building of a strong body. Losing weight is something that happens automatically through the natural life cycle of a cell, but you can raise your metabolism (speed at which you kill off cells) by increasing movement’’.
This is Ferdinand Brueggemann’s opinion as he answers the question ‘’ how effective is eating cucumber for weight loss’’. See below;
Cucumber itself doesn’t have any effect on weight loss.
BUT if you eat cucumber (which is extremely low on calories) instead of any high calorie foods, it will help you lose weight a little bit. But it really depends how many cucumbers you are eating per day and how less high calorie foods you are consuming at the same time.

Dr. Pari Lawande provided answer to the question ‘’Does eating cucumber aid weight loss?’’
Her Answer;
Yes, cucumber will help you in losing weight as it’s a low calorie food and also has many other benefits. So it’s good if you add it in your diet but alone it will not reduce weight .In fact there is no magic which can reduce weight overnight. Plan proper well balanced healthy diet and workouts and you will be successful in your goal.

Mahmuoh Ismail said that ‘’ The cucumber is good food with 97% water, and every 100 grams of cucumber weighs 13 calories, making it a light alternative and fat free, and you can add it to all meals. The few calories that are characterized by choice are not the only benefit of the option
Other benefits related to weight loss are:
1-Low Calories but much Fiber:
The option does not contain any fat, so the option does not affect the weight; but although it is light and filled with water, the cucumber component reduces appetite and blocks hunger. This is because it is filled with fiber, which helps digestion and make you feel full for a long time, and this makes the choice of elements that cannot be dispensed with if you want to eat less and lose more weight.
2. Improves bowel crossing:
The presence of fiber in the cucumber helps to improve intestinal transit by facilitating repeated bowel movements. This helps prevent constipation and reduces inflammation of the abdomen, which makes you feel bloated after eating
3-diuretic and anti-inflammatory option:
With the option of a large amount of water, the option removes excess fluid in the body, avoiding water retention, and detoxification. This helps the body prepare to eat all the benefits of a healthy diet.
4- Enhancer for the intestines:
The option contributes to ease the movement of the bowel and the elimination of fluids, so it is a perfect option to clean the body and to get rid of toxins, a process that has benefits for everyone, but the most important goal is weight loss. Fiber helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood and the elimination of fat in the body.
All these features make the option a good alternative for weight loss, especially if it is next to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to get better results’’.

Well everything cannot be shown here actually. If you feel like reading more about what people are saying about cucumber diet for weight loss visit www.quora.com and search.


Having gone through peoples opinion, I believe at this point you are bound to get confused on what to do concerning applying the cucumber diet method for your weight loss goal. Well don’t get confused, it’s very normal because you could see that it was different people with their opinions. So here are what we have to say concerning this;
  •       The cucumber diet together with exercise – The Formula: Well the secret of weight loss is for the rate at which we burn calorie to be higher than the calorie intake rate. You can imagine working out for hours which implies that you’ve burnt a certain amount of calories but then what comes next to your mind is the food to regain your lost energy. This point determines your weight loss goal fate, how? Because in a situation where you eat food which contains higher amount of calories than the one you’ve lost, then you weight lose goal has failed for that moment but when you eat food like the ‘’cucumber diet’’ which contains relatively lower amount of calorie to what you’ve lost during your work out session, therefore you’ve succeeded in your weight loss goal for that moment. I believe doing this continuously combined with more tips that will be discussed today for the next few weeks will yield something positive as soon as possible.

  Cucumber reduces constipation: Yes, when one becomes constipated, there is high probability the ones weight increases unnecessary because one is already bloated. At this point or in a situation like this, the most advisable alternative is the cucumber diet. Why? Because cucumber contains fibre and enough water which aids bowel movement in humans body. Therefore eating cucumber regularly reduces the risk of constipation thereby aiding weight lose.
       Cucumber aids weight loss through hydration: You already know that increasing the body hydration will lead to weight loss. The cucumber is known to contain over 90 percent of water which makes it capable keeping the body highly hydrated.

Final Point: I believe at this very point you are convinced that the cucumber diet is capable dropping your weight to the beeriest minimum if done right. Below section demonstrates how you can your cucumber diet for it to work for you has it has done for others.

In doing it the right we actually recommend you have a diet plan for your weight loss goal using the cucumber diet method. Below is a recommended 3days – diet plan for you.


BREAKFAST: Tomatoes together with two eggs and herbs
DESSERT: Two cucumbers
LUNCH: Prepare a cucumber salad mixed with olive oil, cabbage and lemon juice.
SNACK: Two cucumbers
DINNER: Take a cup of yoghurt, preferably low fat and one kiwi.


BREAKFAST: Eat cucumber, spinach and apple smoothie.
SNACK: Two cucumbers.
LUNCH: Take two slices of cheese, one cucumber and one orange.
SNACK: Two cucumbers.
DINNER: Take cucumber salad with tomatoes, olives and olive oil.

DAY 3:

BREAKFAST: A protein bar and one cup of blueberries.
SNACK: Two cucumbers.
LUNCH: cucumber salad with tomatoes and sweet peppers.
SNACK: Two cucumbers.
DINNER: Take one carrot and a cup of cottage cheese.

Now it’s left to you to do your part, and what is that? Take actions! Don’t procrastinate. I hope you come back here with testimonies for others.  Kindly use the share button to pass this piece across so as to provide answers to those still asking if the cucumber diet actually works for weight loss. Share your thoughts using the comment section below. For more visit www.myhealthgist.com.ng or you can easily bookmark this page and always check back for more updates.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Benefits Of Bitter kola - [The Untold Secrets]



Benefits of bitter kola both physically and spiritually shall be discussed below;

Bitter kola also known with its binomial name ‘’Garcinia kola’’ is a plant that is found in Nigeria and some other African countries like Republic of Benin, Congo, Senegal, Liberia, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory coast, Sierra Leone  and Gabon.

Bitter kola as its name implies has a bitter taste and it is mostly eaten by old people who tend to know these bitter kola benefits. These old people most especially the ‘Yorubas’ in Nigeria have this believe that eating bitter kola will make them spend a longer period on earth because of the meaning of its Yoruba name ‘Orogbo’ which means the kola of old age. Also because of this reason, it is mostly used in their prayers. 
Aside the Yoruba’s, other tribes in Nigeria find it really useful for different purposes.

We won’t be going into much detail here as other things you need to know about the secret benefits of bitter kola would be discussed under the following sub-headings below.

  • The nutritional values of bitter kola.
  • The health benefits of bitter kola.
  • The parts of a bitter kola plant and their uses.
  • The bitter kola side effects.


As we all know that most the things we eat and drink has at least one nutritional value. Bitter kola also has a lot of them. Let’s find out the nutritional values of bitter kola from the table below.

Protein helps in the repair of worn out tissues in your body.
It is also essential for good growth.
Carbohydrate provides lot energy for the body.
Vitamin  C
Vitamin C helps in proper functioning of the cells, teeth, and bones.
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 aids the body metabolism.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps in saturation of fatty acids.
They also help in the maintenance of cells.
Potassium and Sodium
They are good supplements for healthy bones.



Yes I tagged them wonders because as small as a seed of bitter kola may look, they can be very powerful and useful to man .Trust me there is always sweetness at the end of every bitter experience, the taste of the bitter kola may not be mouth friendly but it may be one of the body best friends. The bitter kola is known to be highly medicinal; it has been used to solve several health related issues ranging from coughs down to fever. So never underestimate the power of bitter things. Below are some of the health benefits of bitter kola.


Presently you are reading this from your phone or system if I am not mistaking. Do you know when the pressure from these gadgets becomes too much for our eyes; the risk of developing glaucoma or other eye problems becomes high and you know our sense of sight is not a thing to toy with, so taking bitter kola at moderate amount tend to reduce the risk of getting glaucoma.


 Whenever you begin to feel symptom of fever like cough, sore throat, cold, and other feverish condition. The anti bacterial properties of bitter kola helps in soothing this kind of conditions at their early stage, so always keep bitter close to you in case you find yourself in this condition. It works great.


Yes malaria is one of the most common illnesses in Africa today and Nigeria to be precise which popularly caused by mosquitoes. The treatment of malaria arguably takes share in the incomes of most homes in Africa but only few knows that bitter kola which is almost readily available and cheap is capable of fighting against malaria. The kolaviron which is a major constituent of bitter kola has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property which is capable of taking care of malaria at its early stage.


The bitter kola is known to reduce pain, inflammation and immovable joint which are said to be the main symptoms of arthritis. Though ageing, injury, obesity, and heredity may lead to the symptoms above but consuming a reasonable amount of bitter kola can help relief this condition.


You know what the lung does for the life, without it breathing will be hindered. The presence of anti-oxidant in bitter kola helps the lungs and the respiratory tract as whole by keeping them healthy and also minerals like potassium and sodium helps to strengthen the lungs tissue which will make it capable of resisting any attack.


 Eating bitter kola some minutes before sexual intercourse tend to help the man satisfy his partner because it tends to boost the libido of man there by making the have high sexual drive.


 Weight loss is just another topic on its own. Now this is how bitter kola works for weight. Do you know consuming bitter kola helps to make on lose appetite for food without feeling hunger and also makes one drink more water than usual, so at the course of this process there is surely going to influence weight lose.


 Naturally, the bitter kola is anti-poisonous in nature, when the bitter kola seed is eaten together with its bark it helps in detoxification of any harmful substance that has been taken to the body system especially in the case of food poison.


Aside the belief of the aged Yoruba people about bitter kola and long life above, the studies have shown that the bitter kola aids the breaking down of glycogen in the liver, thereby increasing man’s period on earth.


There are some facts that are yet to be proven scientifically; meanwhile they tend to occur by nature. Yes the bitter kola by nature is known to boost man’s immune system thereby prevent them from various dangerous body attack like the likes of HIV, EBOLA, FLU and AIDS.


Having gone through the health benefits of bitter kola, I will like to introduce what makes up the so called bitter kola. The table below presents the parts of bitter kola plant and their uses.

The seed
Some the uses are already discussed above, they are also used in treatment of cirrhosis and hepatitis.
The stem bark
The stem bark is mostly used in its powdered form for malignant tumors
The Gum or Latex
This is used in healing on wound and sometimes treating gonorrhea
The Sap
This is applied on skin for getting rid of various skin infections



So far so good we have been discussing about the benefits of bitter kola but let us not forget that everything that has advantages tend to have their disadvantages. But in the case of bitter kola the disadvantages or probable its side effect are probably due to excess usage as you know that too much of everything is bad, so below are some of the side effects of bitter kola when used in excess.

  1. Excess usage of bitter kola can increase anxiety.
  2. Too much of bitter kola causes mouth cancer.
  3. It can increase weight loss when taken in excess.
  4. It increases sex drive in man.
  5. Taking bitter on an empty stomach can trigger nausea.

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed the article on the and learnt a lot from it. If yes don’t enjoy alone, try to use the social share button below to pass it across to your friends on social media. Also remember to share your thought in the comment section below. Visit www.myhealthgist.com.ng for more, we hope to see you here again. Now know the benefits of bitter kola and its side effects.  

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Exposed: Checkout The Benefits Of Cucumber In Diet That Nutritionist Won’t Tell You For Free!



Cucumber in diet helps a lot for those who are struggling to lose weight.Aside the fact that excess weight can make one lose shape, there are also some diseases associated with excessive fat in the body. Losing weight shouldn’t be a great deal or worry for you if you are serious about it. There are several methods you must have tried but all seem not working but why not try the cucumber diet method.
The cucumber is one of those fruit that contains relatively lower amount of calories and higher amount of water which is just a perfect combination for those who are trying to drop their weight. We all know that the amount of calories in the diet you take the influence our weight, the higher the calories intake in the body, the higher the body weight while the lower the calorie intake, the lower the body weight and vice versa.
Today on www.myhealthgist.com.ng we shall be discussing under the following sub headings:

           ·         Cucumber diet benefits
           ·         Cucumber in diet for weight loss
                   Best time to eat cucumber
           ·       Reasons why you should try the cucumber diet method
           ·         Reason why you shouldn’t  try the cucumber diet method

           ·         Other ways you can lose weight


Improving weight loss is not the only health benefit of cucumber; there are varieties of nutrient you gain whenever you consume cucumber. Here is a breakdown of nutrients an unpeeled 300 gram cucumber below;

     ·         45 amount of calories
     ·         2 grams of proteins
     ·         2 grams of fibers
     ·         0 gram of fat
     ·         14% of vitamin C
     ·         62% of vitamin K
     ·         10% of magnesium
     ·         13% of potassium
     ·         12% of manganese
     ·         96% of water

In view of the above analysis, we can easily conclude that cucumber contains relatively very high amount of water and low amount of calories but that not all you can review the analysis yourself, then you figure out your conclusion. Nevertheless let’s get down to the cucumber diet benefits below.

1)  Cucumber in diet helps greatly for weight loss: 

Yes, it is the number one cucumber diet benefit. Mixing up cucumber in your diet or eating a whole cucumber raw works greatly for those who are trying to reduce their excess weight to the beeriest minimum, because of the lack of calorie and its lower amount of fat. The next question that comes to your mind now is how to go about it but remember it belongs to a major sub heading in this article, so be calm and continue reading the benefits of cumber at number two.


      2) Cucumber prevents constipation and increases bowel movement:

      Whenever the body cannot get enough water for digestion after taking so much of solid foods, this will lead to difficulty whenever you want to pass out stool which is commonly described as constipation. Do you remember that eating an unpeeled cucumber contains a lot of water and also contains fiber? Yes, fiber aids bowel movement while water helps your food to digest fully. Now you can agree with me that taking a lot of cucumber while exclude you from those complaining of constipation.

      3)      Cucumber aid hydration in the body system:

     The cucumber provides enough water for to keep the body really hydrated. Keeping the body hydrated has a whole lot of health benefit. Ranging from aiding digestion down to regulating the flow of blood down to washing away toxic substances in the body through urine and sweat. Also note that this source of water is one of the purest because it is just another natural source of water.  

      4 )      Cucumber serves as a great source of antioxidant:

      This is another cucumber diet benefit which cannot be overlooked, antioxidant are substances that hinder oxidation whereby oxidation in the body system can lead to some harmful free radicals. These free radicals are capable of causing some kind of diseases like cancer and other heart and lung diseases. Studies have it that cucumbers contain flavonoids and tannins which are some the antioxidants present in cucumbers.

     5)      Cucumber reduces the risk of diabetes

      According to research, several discoveries have shown that cucumber has effects on the blood sugar level on most animals. They tend to reduce the blood sugar level in animal and do you know what that means?  Yes, whenever there is high level of level of blood sugar in the body which mainly caused by excess intake of carbohydrates and sugary substances, this often leads to diabetes. Therefore taking cucumber can prevent you from being a diabetic patient. Thou there are still more ongoing studies concerning this.


I believe you must have gone through the cucumber diet benefits where weight lose is one of them except you skip that section before coming down here. Though don’t limit the benefits of cucumber to the ones discussed in this article, if you wish to find more you make more research about that. Yes, the low amount of calories and high amount of water in cucumber is what make this possible, if you know you know lol. Have you been so bothered about your body fat? Are you losing self esteem because of you are looking too big? Are you a man whose wife or girlfriend is looking elsewhere because of your belly fat? Are you a lady that wants your body figure out and sexy? Whatever the reason you want to lose weight maybe. Why not start mixing up your diet with cucumber.
Now this is how it goes, here is a 3-day cucumber diet you can try out today.


DAY- 1
DAY -2
DAY- 3
Fry two eggs mixed with tomatoes, and herbs.
Dessert: Two cucumbers
Take cucumber, spinach and apple smoothie
Dessert: Two cucumbers
A glass of blueberries.
Take cucumber salad mixed with cabbage, olive oil and lemon juice.
Dessert: Two cucumbers
Take two slices of cheese, one cucumber and one orange.
Dessert: Two cucumbers
Cucumber salad mixed with sweet peppers and tomatoes.
Dessert: Two cucumbers
Take a glass of low fat yoghurt and one kiwi.
Cucumber salad mixed with tomatoes and olive oil.
Take a carrot and one glass of cottage cheese.


Have carried out the task above or even while still thinking of carrying it out the best time to eat cucumber is normally after each meal at breakfast and launch.


These reasons are not enough reasons you shouldn’t try this method because they actually bearable till you get your desired result. Check them out below;

·         The diet may be expensive during winter season.
·         You may be feeling hunger too often because of the low amount of calories.


There different methods of losing weight, one of them are the cucumber in diet method which has been discussed already. We wouldn’t be going into detail on other methods you can use in improving weight lose because they are topics for another day just stay glued to www.myhealthgist.com.ng for you not to miss them. They listed below;
  •             Do a lot of fat burning exercises
  • ·         Try fasting
  • ·         Eating a lot fiber
  • ·         Reduce the level of sugar intake
  • ·         Eating protein rich foods for breakfast

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed the article and learnt a lot from it. If yes don’t enjoy alone, try to use the social share button below to pass it across to your friends on social media. Also remember to share your thought in the comment section below. Visit www.myhealthgist.com.ng for more, we hope to see you here again. Thanks. 

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