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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Benefits Of Bitter Leaf Juice, Preparation And Side Effects



The benefits of bitter leaf juice are numerous, let’s ignore the fact the bitter leaf juice is naturally bitter. Always remember that there is sweetness present in its bitterness just like the bitter kola does health wise.


The bitter leaf juice is extracted from the bitter leaf plant also known as vernonia amydalina. This plant can be found mostly in African countries especially in Nigeria where it serves various purposes like cooking and others. Although all the parts of this plant is bitter but one of the distinct feature about this plant is that few minutes after having a taste of any part of the bitter leaf plant you experience some kind of sweet sensations on your taste bud.

The juice of the bitter leaf plant has so many health benefits because of some certain properties like the presence of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins. So today on www.myhealthgist.com.ng we shall be discussing on bitter leaf juice under the following subheads.

  1. 10 health benefits of bitter leaf juice.
  2. Side effects of bitter leaf juice
  3. How to prepare the bitter leaf juice


Like I said before now, the bitter leaf juice has a lot of benefits and they cannot be over looked. Below are some of the health benefits of the bitter leaf juice.

  • STOMACH ACHE REMEDY: Some certain factors could have led to stomach, like eating contaminated foods, taking unripe fruits, hormonal factors among others. Whatever the reason maybe, chewing the stem of a bitter leaf plant, thereby swallowing its juice would do a great job in relieving the pain within minutes. An alternative method is to pluck some leaves of the bitter leaf and then rinse them. Having done with rinsing, wash the leave till its juice starts coming out. Squeeze out the juice and pour in a cup, therefore add little pinch of salt to it. Mix it and drink the solution.  Though I prefer the alternative method because it actually worked for me and I hope it does for you too.

  • A SOLUTION FOR INSOMNIA: In case you are hearing the word ‘insomnia’ for the first time. Insomnia simply means inability to sleep which could be caused as a result of stress and depression. Yea there are other factors that could lead to insomnia but not the topic for today. Whatever might have led to your sleeplessness? Studies have it that taking two cups of the bitter leaf juice every night before going to bed is capable of relaxing your nerves, thereby making you sleep.  

  • FIGHT SKIN INFECTIONS: Do you know mixing the bitter leaf juice with alcohol works great for measles?  When measles starts appearing all over the body, just rub the solution all the body and allow drying, then sleep over with it. Repeat the process every night before going to bed for maximum result. Aside measles, it is said that the bitter leaf juice fights against other skin infections like rashes, eczema, itching, ringworm etc. All you need to do is keep applying it on the affected part of the skin.

  • TREATS WEAKNESS OF THE BODY: The health benefits of bitter leaf juice have been extended to providing energy whenever you feel you are having general body weakness. Well you don’t need to look further than getting some leaves of the bitter leaf, washing and squeezing it, till its juice finally pops out. This washing and squeezing can be easily done in bowl, then pour the extracted juice in a cup and drink up.

  • DIABETES TREATMENT: Well diabetes shouldn’t be new to us because it is one of the most common diseases in the world today. Diabetes is caused by excess intake of sugar and you already know how sweet sugar can be sometimes. Yes, sugar is sweet but if care is not taken it kills while bitter leaf juice is bitter meanwhile it actually ills ‘’that is the irony of life’’.  Whenever you hear sugar, always have it at the back of your mind that foods containing carbohydrates too are made of sugar so be watchful of excess intake of carbohydrate too. Now, in a situation where by you have been diagnosed as a diabetic patient. Do not panic as it said that the bitter leaf juice is capable of reducing the body sugar level drastically and also helps to repair the sugar hormone known as pancreas.  All you need to do is to take at least ten leaves of the bitter leave plant and in eight liters of water; then you allow it to concentrate for about 24hr. Take six glasses of this juice daily, in which you take two cups thrice in a day – morning, afternoon and night. Repeat this for a month and if the juice finishes before the time frame, kindly prepare another one.

  • PROSTRTE CANCER REMDEDY: You probably must have heard about this painful urination problem which is common among adults. Just imagine how life threatening this can be. Well there is something behind it and that thing is known as prostate cancer. Note it that prostate cancer is not the only disease that causes painful urination but it is one of the major causes. Now this is where one of the health benefits of bitter leaf juice comes through. Just put some leaves of the bitter leaf in little amount of water, allow it to concentrate, then take our glass daily that is you take two glasses each in the morning and at night. It serves as a remedy for prostate cancer because it will help to improve the flow of urine where by reducing pain.

  • REDUCES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: ‘’High blood pressure’’ is a very dangerous disease which it kills people without showing any sign of death. It leads to hypertension which also causes sudden death. It is advisable to always visit any medical centre close to you to always know the rate of your blood pressure. High blood pressure is mostly caused as a result of sudden shock. Well don’t let that scare you so much because the bitter leaf contains potassium which helps to reduce the presence of excess water and salt in the body there by reducing the risk of hypertension and also lowers the blood pressure. Cut some leaves of the bitter leaf and boil in little amount of water. Drink two glasses daily, that is one glass each – that is one in the morning and one at night. Repeat the process daily.

  • SUPPRESSES MALARIA: The disease ‘’malaria’’ needs no introduction as it is one of the most common illnesses in Africa at large today. It is carried and transferred to the human blood by the female anopheles mosquito. That is why in average Nigeria home, mosquito killer are used almost on daily basis. Well the bitter leaf plant has some substances that are capable of fighting against malaria, therefore taking the bitter leaf juice is regularly is capable of suppressing the malaria illness.

  • STROKE REMEDY: Drinking the bitter leaf juice is actually capable of calming the nerves and also provides maximum strength for the muscle. This is has been confirmed by those who have been diagnosed of stroke and have used the bitter leaf juice as a treatment. I hope it works for you too.

  • REDUCES FEVER:  Whatever that is causing your body fever can be treated with bitter leaf because of the presence of some nutrients like the glucosides, flavonoids, fiterpene, and andrographolide lactones,which are capable of reducing your body tension and also body fever. Just prepare your bitter leaf juice together with other mixure; boil some leaves of the bitter leaf mixed with some dried turmeric tuber in little amount of water. Extract the juice and drink thrice glasses daily.

Having gone through the above benefits of bitter leaf juice, you will need to be enlightened about the side effects of bitter leaf juice because everything that has advantages also has disadvantages. Now below are the side effects of bitter leaf juice.


The side effects of bitter leaf juice is rear but after taking the bitter leaf juice and you see your body reacting negatively to it, it simply means you are allergic to bitter leaf juice. Therefore it is advisable you avoid taking it again.

In a case where you there is excess intake of the juice, below are some of the symptoms you are likely to experience.

  1. Low blood pressure.
  2. Blood glucose level increase.
  3. Heart Trouble.

If you feel any serious problem, it is advisable you see your doctor.


Well, as far as bitter leaf is concerned, I know about three different ways on the preparation of bitter leaf juice. The three methods on how to prepare bitter leaf juice will be discussed below;

METHOD ONE; USING ONLY BITTER LEAF – This is most effective but difficult method of preparation.

  1. Get some leaves of the bitter leaf plant.
  2. Put them in a bowl and rinse.
  3. Drain the water used to rinse.
  4. Wash the leaves of the bitter leaf plant thoroughly till pulp.
  5. Extract the juice and pour in a glass.
  6. Your juice is ready.


  1. Get some leaves of the bitter leaf.
  2. Soak in little amount of water for about 24hrs.
  3. Allow it to concentrate
  4. Extract the juice and pour in a glass.
  5. Your juice is ready.

METHOD THREE: BOILING THE BITTER LEAF – This is the fastest method of preparation.

  1. Get some leaves of the bitter leaf.
  2. Allow leaves to boil in little amount of water.
  3. Extract the juice and pour in glass.
  4. Your juice is ready.

I hope you now know the preparation, side effects and the health benefits of bitter leaf juice. If you found this article useful, kindly make use of the share button and also remember to share your thought by using the comment box below. For more visit www.myhealthgist.com.ng .

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