Cell Phone Brain Cancer: Can Your Mobile Phone Cause Brain Tumor? See Here!

Cell Phone Brain Cancer: Can Your Mobile Phone Cause Brain Tumor? See Here!



Cell phone brain cancer is commonly related to brain tumors where brain tumors are known as growth of abnormal cell in your brain. This brain tumor is majorly spitted into two; the benign and the malignant. The benign which is not cancerous while the malignant is cancerous, though that a topic for another day.

There are several kinds of brain tumors falling under the two categories mentioned above but one of them is globlastomas which is one we are discussing today.  Here are some facts for you to give you an instinct of the answer to the question ‘can your mobile phone cause brain tumors?

Do you know?

  • The symptoms of brain tumors cannot be defined, they vary according to their sizes, locations, and rate of growth.

  • Primary brain tumor begins in the brain itself to due to genetic mutation in their DNA.

  • Secondary brain tumors are caused by cancers somewhere else in the body before spreading to brain.
  • The types of secondary brain tumors got there name from the kind of cancer that caused it
  • Radiation from cell phone is capable of causing tumors in male rat hearts which is known has schwannomas.
  • Studies have shown that people who use heavy cell phones have higher chances of getting schwannomas in their inner ears.
  • Studies have shown that radiation from cell phone tend to make male rats live longer because it prevents them from certain kind of diseases.
  • Keeping cell phone in your pocket is gradually reducing the mobility of your sperm due to radiation.
  • One of the best ways to reduce the risk of brain tumor is by keeping your phone faraway from whenever you are about to sleep.
  • So far so good, different experiments have been made concerning the cell phone and brain tumor but there is yet to documented result about mobile phone causing brain tumor which is the most widely know cell phone brain cancer.

Now you have some fact about cell phone brain cancer till we find out the truth let’s make sure we try our possible best to stay away from any form of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is a proven cause of brain tumor unlike the cell phone which is not an ionizing radiation. Cell phone emits non ionizing form of radiation. For more checkout the harmful effects of mobile phone

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