Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phone You Should Know Before You Die

Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phone You Should Know Before You Die



We may not know the harmful effect of mobile phone but we will agree that mobile phone is connected to our daily live activities. Over 75% of youths especially between the ages 18 to 29 can’t really live a comfortable life without their mobile phone being close to them. Though nobody is to be blamed; the numerous benefits of using a mobile phone caused it and can’t be underestimated.

As you actually know that this article you are reading for free can be read with your mobile phone, which is if you are actually using another ICT system.

It is also said that 91% of adults and 60% of teens in America make use of their mobile phones, most especially for the purpose of communication.

The benefit of mobile phone is not actually the reason you landed on this page, so let’s get down to business. Do you know the frequent usage of mobile phone can actually cause the following?

   1.       It can increase the risk of cell phone brain cancer.
    2.       It can affect your immune system, thereby causing ill health.

    3.       It can lead to low sperm count in men
    4.       It can affect your vision in the future.
    5.       Increase your level of stress.

Yes, you must have thought of others but save that for another day you are visiting here, smiles.

Now, the question that pops up to your mind now is “how are these possible? Don’t worry we shall find out below.

  • The frequent usage of cell phone increasing the risk of cell phone cancer: Studies have shown that cell phone emits some kind of radio waves which comes in form electromagnetic radiation. The fact that this electromagnetic radiation and cancer are highly connected with wireless local network (Wi-Fi), has boosted the controversies surrounding the relation of cell phone and cancer. The human body is said to absorb the radiation emitted by the by the cell phone. Though, this radiation is spitted into two kinds which include the ionizing radiation and the non ionizing radiation. The major differences between these radiation is that, the ionizing radiation has some kind of effects on the DNA which can lead to the increase in risk of cancer while the non ionizing radiation are mostly known to emit heat.Cell phones are included in the list of gadgets that emits non ionizing radiation; another example is the micro wave oven.Ever since there have being different kind of researches and studies, no clear evidence has been brought to notice about the issues of your cell phone giving you cancer. Even at this, you need to be really careful at the frequent usage of cell phone because studies are still currently on concerning this, most especially the relation of between cell phones and brain tumor, find out more about brain tumor here.The most effective way to avoid being a victim of this is to always remember to take your phone away from your head side whenever you are set for bed.

  • It can affect your immune system, thereby causing ill health:  The harmful effects of mobile phone do not only increase the risk of brain cancer. As a matter of fact, your phone does not only house your important information, it also serves a home of dangerous of micro organisms because the culture of us taking our phone wherever is not dyeing anytime soon. Some of us are even guilty of taking our phone to the restroom and other places that are exposed to harmful micro organisms.This will certainly put a victim at really high risk of infections.According to recent research made, our cell phone known to cause diseases like diarrhea, staphylococcus aurous, vomiting, and other skin infections.

  • It can lead to low sperm count in men :  Yes it has been confirmed that the radiation we discussed above that is known to cause cancer is said to also have effect on the fertility of males. Studies have shown that a cell phone can reduce the sperm count in male rats; same was also observed in human when Wdowiak A and colleagues made some research which led to the discovery that a group of who used cell phone more frequently is highly prone to infertility.

  • It can affect your vision the future: People often use their  cell phone for getting information online, reading eBooks, messages, reading stuffs online  e.t.c. but the fact that the letters on these cell phones have smaller sizes , people tend to strain their eyes.  Straining your eyes for a very long period of time can lead to eye effects like eye dryness, eye irritation and also causes redness of the eyes.

  • It increases your level of stress: You will actually be wondering how this was possible right? Yea it is. People tend to get tensed up whenever they are unable to get access to their mobile phone, whenever their phone battery is dead or the lack of airtime or data for people to get in touch. These are some of the things that tend to increase the level of stress in people.

This is not the end, there are a lot more harmful effects of mobile phone  which are not directly health related but still the fact remains that mobile is capable of destroying you.  So make use you of your mobile phone wisely;

  •  Whenever you are off to bed take your phone away to avoid the harmful effects of radiation.
  •  Always make use of sensitizer because of you are very likely to come directly in contact with bacteria whenever you make use of your mobile phone.
  •  Increase the fonts of your phone text to avoid straining your eyes

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