How To Become Fat From Thin Quickly Aside Eating A Lot

How To Become Fat From Thin Quickly Aside Eating A Lot

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When talking of how to become fat from thin, the question that may probably pop up the mind of a thin/skinny guy whenever he feels intimidated by the physique of his peers? Yes, it is widely known that excessive fat ‘’obesity’’ is actually harmful and could kill if proper care is not taken. This is a more reason the search for a solution to lose excess fat/weight is much compared to that of weight/fat loss.

But in a situation where the fat loss is below normal level, there is also a need to be bothered because the body fat performs its own wonderful functions for the body to remain healthy like the likes of regulating the body temperature and the absorption of vitamins to the body. In a situation where the fat loss is increased to a level where one becomes thin, skinny unhealthy, it’s definitely going to affect the overall weight of the person.

Fat loss, in most occasions is unintentional. A person may become thin as a result of a recent illness, surgery or loss of appetite e.t.c. In the course of looking up on how to become fat from thin, we shall go through the following sub headings that shall be discussed below.

  1. The difference between fat loss and fat weight loss
  2. The standard body fat percentage
  3. Healthy foods that can make you become fat quickly.
  4. How to become fat from thin in few days
  5. Why you don’t gain fat even though you eat a lot.       
  6. The need for exercise when trying to become fatter
  7. Other amazing ways to become fat from thin aside from eating a lot.


The terms fat loss and weight loss is sometimes confused to mean the same thing because both losses are likely to result to one loss which is the weight loss. Whenever you lose weight, your body fat percentage may not reduce but whenever you lose fat, it is certain that you are going to lose weight.

How? Because the body fat is just one of the constituents of humans overall weight while the body weight consist everything ranging from muscle mass, water weight, organs, bowel content, including body fat.

This is also a reason why people are likely to lose weight even without much exercise also the reason why human weight tend to fluctuate sometime because the quantity some constituents of the overall body weight does changes with time like the likes of water mass and bowel content.

So therefore to this end thin people should be aware that they can gain weight without getting fat but you can gain fat and gain weight equally. How this is done the healthy way would be discussed as you read on.


As discussed earlier that the body is just a constituent of the body weight. Now the question is how do I know the when the amount of fat in my body is enough and won’t become a curse for me instead of blessing? Well I know as a desperate skinny guy/lady who is probably still pondering on how to become fat from thin, he/she won’t mind the rate at wish his/her body accumulates fat which is dangerous because excess fat in the body could lead to obesity and other related health problems.

In other to avoid this, it is necessary you know your body fat percentage. Now, the body fat tissue is majorly made of two kinds which include the essential fat and storage fat. These fats are very useful for the proper functioning of the human body because they have different roles to play for the stability of human’s health.

 Now the essential fat is normally found in between the marrow of the bones and it is responsible for the shapes of some organs in the body, it also aids the formation of the human central nervous system. Therefore, need for essential fat in the body cannot be underestimated. The women hormone is bound to accumulate more essential fat compared to men because they need it for their possibility to survive pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Meanwhile the storage fat is normally stored underneath the skin and deep inside the belly around some organs of the body where it aids the cushioning of those organs. They also assist in absorbing vitamins and regulating the body temperature.

Having known the importance of fat in the body, the question now is – how much fat do I need to become fat from thin? Well according to research made, it is known that a man needs an average of 3 percent of essential fat and 15 to 20 percent of storage fat for the proper functioning of the body. But in the case of women, it is bit higher because the women need about 13 percent of essential fat and 20 – 25 percent of storage fat so as to increase their chances of getting pregnant and breastfeeding as stated earlier.


A person that actually wants to become fat from thin must make food high in calories his/her best friend and also the person should note that he/she must take in more calories than they burn. The truth is that a thin person who does not eat enough food will ever remain thin, so all you need to do is to double the number of plates you eat per day. If you feel you are used to eating little quantity of foods and can’t take a heavy meal at a time then you can try taking mini meals multiple times per day.

Talking of the quality and the kind of meals it takes for a skinny person to become fat. You think of taking enough foods like dried nuts, peanut butter sandwich together with a full bread, banana, sweet potato, strawberry smoothie, and yogurt, olive oil, roasted chicken and some others that would still be discussed as you read on. Eating these together with your meal daily will help hasten your fat gain goal.

Another thing you should note is that drinking fluid before eating each meal with reduce your chance of consuming enough foods so it advisable that you don’t drink before any meal so as gain the complete value of your meal. In case it is necessary for you to drink in between meals, you should ensure that these drinks too should contain enough calories for you to get maximum result. Now on how to become fat from thin, below is some group of foods you should try eating regularly for a quicker result.

  • PRODUCTS RICH IN MILK:  Ice creams, cottage cheese, butter, milk, sour cream among others are all good sources of fat and calories; they also contain some essential nutrients like the likes of calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, taking these regularly may actually help in becoming fat from thin.
  • FOODS THAT ARE FRIED: When you hear the word fry, your instincts should direct you that it actually involves the presence of oil and oil is a main constituent of fat.  Now eating foods like French fries, fried egg, fried meat, fried chickens, among other foods that are fried regularly will help increase the amount of body fat and calories in the body.
  • PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATE: The processed carbohydrates are known to contain lower fiber content compared to that of unprocessed carbohydrate. The low fiber content in processed carbohydrate makes it easier for one to get satisfied quickly, so this in helps to increase one chance of having more of it. Where by these carbohydrate products contain calories enough to make one become fatter. Examples of these processed carbohydrates are soft drinks, juice, whine, cup cakes, white bread, sugar, packaged cereals among others.

How To Become Fat From Thin In Few Days

  • Follow my top secret to become fat from thin in few days. 

  • Take in more calories than you burn
  • Drink a lot of milk
  • Eat fried foods
  • Go for processed carbohydrates
  • Reduce your protein intake
  • Eat cereals for breakfast
  • Healthy workout


We have just finished discussing how to become fat from thin just by eating healthy high calorie foods but there seem to be some people who feel no matter how much or what they eat, they won’t become fat but rather remain skinny.

Well, there is a reason behind that and that thing is known as high BMR which means high basal metabolic rate.  I believe by now you must be curious about that thing called BMR, so what is BMR? To keep off suspense BMR is the minimum amount of energy used every second by human whenever he or is at state of rest. This energy could be used on breathing, pumping of the heart, the functioning of the brain, among others. Now these activities must surely occur in other to keep one alive but the rate at which it does this is important even when at state of rest, so the fact is people with high BMR burn more calories when in a state of rest compared to that of those with low BMR. This is the reason why these set of people do not become fat despite eating a whole lot of foods. This BMR is known to decrease as one grows older but increases as one muscle mass increases.


Due to the fact that you are in a rush to become fat from thin, you totally forgot about exercise meanwhile it is not suppose to be like that. In a situation whereby you’ve started gaining some fat, it necessary you start doing some exercise in other to remain healthy. It is not until you lift heavy all day and night till you become fit. Just hitting the gym at least once a week is enough to make you become fit as long as you gain enough fat.

Even those that have eating a whole lot of fat foods but not seeing result, it also necessary they do exercise because there might be possibility that they posses they characteristics of the Indian people who known to have a thin-fat phenotype that is their body is capable of storing fat but they still look thin physically. Therefore is need for exercise once a while when trying to become fat in other to maintain a healthy and stable heath.


 When we talk of how to become fat from thin, we should not only fix all our energy on eating and eating alone. There are other amazing practices that can get you a faster result but one needs to be careful trying them out because when they become excess they become harmful. In fact anything in excess is harmful. So below so other ways that make you become fatter.


You know how important protein can be to our body ranging from support cell growth to repairing worn out tissues but in our quest to become fat from thin, reducing the rate at wish we eat protein rich foods should be considered a sacrifice. How? Why? Because protein rich foods are known to make one gets satisfied easily thereby limit the desire to take enough fat, sugary and carbohydrate rich food. Proteins are also known to boost lean mass which is obviously not the goal of a person who is trying to become fat from thin.


 You may wonder how this could be of help to a person trying to gain fat. Well do you know that sleeping lesser than you body requires should be considered a sacrifice because the benefits of sleep cannot be overlook but you need to become fat right? Now take a look at it from this angle, it is known that sleep than the required time tends to increase mans appetite for food. Now that your quest for food is increased, I think is time to take advantage of it so you can eat enough food to make you become fatter.

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  Even if this food is low in fat you may start your day with it because it is capable of making you hungry sooner thereby giving you some more foods to take some more fat and carbohydrate foods.
Adding sugar to each of your meal can make you achieve your fat gain goal quicker.

Also eating a lot of gluten rich foods like pizza, bread, pasta, among others can make you become fat as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get fat quickly? 
A: You can get fat quickly if the ratio at which you gain fat is very high compared to the rate at which you burn fat.

Q: What can someone eat to get fat? 
A: Some foods you can eat to get fat include; Red meat, a bowl of cereal, fried foods, carbonated drinks, milk products, and other healthy fat rich foods. 

Like I said earlier too much of everything could be dangerous so as soon as you’ve started seeing an increase in your body fat percentage, it is advisable to make exercise your friend in other to burn excess fat. Having talked about how to become fat from thin, the articles below maybe helpful those trying to lose weight.

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