How To Increase Testosterone In Men?

How To Increase Testosterone In Men?



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It is believed that men's health is a purely urological or hormonal problem, but in reality, the question is much broader. Men from 30 years old begin to notice a decrease in working capacity, endurance, and sexual activity. Doctors are increasingly diagnosed failures in the cardiovascular system of young and not very men. All this is due primarily to a decrease in the level of the male hormone Testosteronerd

Testosterone Value

Testosterone - the main "male hormone", is synthesized in the testicles and, to a lesser extent, in the adrenal cortex.

Symptoms Associated With Insufficient Testosterone Secretion Include

·         Impotence,
·         Reduced sexual desire
·         Fatigue
·         Depressed mood
·         Sleep disturbance
·         Hair loss,
·         Decrease in strength of muscle and increase in fat,
·         Excessive sweating.

   It is known that with a decrease in testosterone, many men look sluggish, tired, weakened. Testosterone contributes to the preservation of muscle mass and strength, the rational distribution of adipose tissue, the preservation of bone mass, contributes to the production of sperm, sexual desire and potency.
·         Reasons for reducing testosterone levels:
·         Age changes;
·         Stress, inadequate rest, overwork at work;
·         Taking alcohol or psychostimulants;
·         Associated diseases, including overweight and related diseases: hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

After 40 years, Testosterone level will automatically decrease in the blood begins to fall by 1% per year. With a critical decrease in testosterone levels, manifestations of male menopause begin: decreased performance and immunity, bouts of depression and irritability, brittle bones, age-related ailments, not to mention reduced potency.

However, the danger to health with a decrease in testosterone production is threatened not only by pensioners. In the course of joint research, cardiologists and endocrinologists have found that one of the main causes of myocardial infarction in young men is a temporary deficiency of the hormone testosterone in the body. It is necessary for the representatives of the stronger sex to be a little nervous, overstrain, get sick or starve, as the level of the male hormone testosterone decreases.

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How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

The first way is to improve the quality of food. If the quality of food does not satisfy the body, then it is not able to produce the necessary hormones, proteins, enzymes, including testosterone. Products that increase testosterone: seafood, wholemeal bread, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, lean, lean meats and brittle cheeses. You also need to make sure that the body gets enough B vitamins, especially B6 and B12. To increase testosterone levels in men, you also need to take care of the level of zinc in the body (lack of it in the body leads to low levels of libido in both men and women). Strengthening the intake of essential vitamins and minerals, you thereby provide your "production" of testosterone with the necessary raw materials.

The second method is the use of hormonal drugs that increase the level of testosterone (replacement therapy).

The use of such drugs reduces the mass of adipose tissue of the body, increases lean body mass, prevents bone loss. Androgens also have a positive psychotropic effect by improving mood.

The third way. In addition to hormonal drugs based on testosterone, there are non-hormonal Para-Pharmaceutical   that affect the synthesis of their own hormones. 

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