Soups for Stomach Ulcers – Okra Soup as a Case Study

Soups for Stomach Ulcers – Okra Soup as a Case Study



If I must talk about soups for stomach ulcers and I don’t mention okra soup, then I should be queried. Yes why? Because the truth is okra is rich in fiber, contains low fat, good source of B vitamins and anti – oxidants and other nutrients suitable for an ulcer patient. All these nutritional values have made okra soup a recommended soup for an ulcer patient.

Generally, there are no particular soups for stomach ulcers as long as that soup contains little or no spices, low fat, and not acidic. This is the reason okra soup seem to be the best fit and also not forgetting the nutritional values discussed earlier.

 To some people okra soup is delicious while to others it seems to be irritating to them because of its texture or taste. Well, whatever condition you may find it for yourself, an ulcer patient should not overlook the power of okra soups for stomach ulcer.

Now what is stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcers is a kind of ulcer that causes sores in the lining of the stomach, thereby inflicting pains and making the body system uncomfortable whenever the person eat foods that are not stomach ulcer friendly. Whenever stomach ulcer is not treated at its early stage, it may develop into stomach cancer or internal bleeding which may result to death of the victim. Stomach ulcer is known to be caused by bacteria known as helicobacter pylori and also the excessive use of anti – oxidant drugs like aspiring. Some of the major symptoms of stomach ulcer include heart burns, irritation of the stomach, pains in the lining of the stomach and others you may experience whenever you take foods that not stomach ulcer friendly.

The power of okra soups for stomach ulcer

Okra soup may not be your best choice of soup but the fact is it may be the soup for body wants if you are diagnosed of stomach ulcer.
Now how does this soup work for stomach ulcer? – find out below
  1. It contains low fat – Eating high fatty foods like butters, fried snacks, creamy salads and their likes are most likely to irritate the stomach of an ulcer patient. So this is one of the reason okra soup is a recommended soup for stomach ulcer.
  2. It has high fiber content which helps to reduce constipation, improve bowel movement and reduces the level of cholesterol the body. All these work together in other get rid of any toxic substance that may be triggering the symptoms of stomach ulcer.
  3. It is rich in anti – oxidants – Foods rich in anti – oxidant help to hinder oxidation in the body system. Oxidation in the body is known to lead to disease like free radicals, cancers, bacteria causing illness and other harmful diseases. So eating okra soup for stomach ulcer is not a bad idea.
  4. You may prepare it with little or no spices and still enjoy – unlike most soups that you can’t enjoy without the presence of spices, okra soup seem to be a unique supplement for your diet. How to prepare okra soup will be discussed here as you read.
  5. It contains important vitamins – as you already know that in all classes of foods, vitamins standout in assisting the body fight against germs and disease. Okra itself is known to contain B vitamins, vitamins C and other vitamins which all work hand in hand to fight against most bacteria causing illnesses.
  6. It contains necessary minerals like manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium are all present in okra which are all necessary for the healthy and proper functioning of the body.

How to prepare okra soup

In a situation where okra soup seems to be a new soup to you, then here is how to prepare.
Ingredients; chopped okra, palm oil, grinned peppers, grinned crayfish, sliced onions, seasoning to taste, salt, and chopped roasted fish.
  1. Light up your cooker
  2. Add little water into your pot and place it on the cooker.
  3. Add little amount of palm oil and allow mixture to get heated.
  4.  Add your grinned peppers, grinned crayfish and sliced onions to the heated mixture.
  5. After few minutes, add the seasonings and salt to taste.
  6. Allow all to boil. While boiling add the chopped okra to the mixture.
  7. After few minutes, put your chopped roasted fish.
  8. Wait for about 2 minutes, your okra soup should be ready.

You may eat this soup with yam flour, semolina, or any other solid food of your choice.  So as an ulcer patient the okra soup should be a great supplement to your diet.

Healthy Diet Practices for an Ulcer Patient

  • An ulcer patient should to eat three hours before going to bed
  • A person suffering from stomach ulcer should learn to chew foods well before swallowing
  • The person should avoid eating a whole big food at a goal. Instead the person should eat multiple small foods in a day.
  • A stomach ulcer patient should avoid smoking.
  • The person should learn to have enough rest after each meal.
  • Adding garlic to your meals when cooking should be a healthy practice for an ulcer patient because of the anti – parasitic properties of garlic.
  • The anti – inflammatory properties of ginger makes it a great supplement to your diets.
  • Drinking raw cabbage juice is also advisable for ulcer patients as it helps to heal the sores in the lining of the stomach.

Other soups for stomach ulcers

  • Here is a list of other soups that soothe your stomach ulcer 

  • Ginger Bok Choi Soup
  • Turmeric Broth Detox Soup
  • Chicken soup with ginger and shiitake mushrooms
  • Winter vegetable chicken soup
  • Crockpot Lentil Soup
  • Winter vegetable chicken noodle soup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What soup is best for upset stomach? 
A: A soup that is best for an upset stomach is a soup that contains little or no spice, low fat, low acidity, high fiber and rich in anti oxidants. 

The Bottom Line
There some other soups for stomach ulcer you can try if you are not pleased with okra soup but the bottom line is that you should make sure your soups are spice free, low fat, low acid, and has high fiber content in other to fit in as a soup for stomach ulcer.
I hope you have learnt about the soups for stomach ulcer and the prerequisite for qualifying a food or soup for an ulcer patient. So share this post using the share button to keep your loved ones informed of the power of okra soup as a treatment for stomach ulcer. But in a situation where you don’t find the okra soup tantalizing enough, please kindly drop your comments below if you know other soups for stomach ulcer.

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