Solution To Hair Fall Problem That You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Solution To Hair Fall Problem That You Won’t Find Elsewhere




Hair fall problem is actually common among youths and adults of the world today. It is very rare for you to comb your hair and not find some strands of hair stuck to your comb – this because the comb actually forced those hair out of your scalp which not a problem. Most times this could be as a result of growth of new hairs but it becomes a problem when your hair begins to fall without combing it or pulling it out forcefully by any method. Hair fall also known as hair loss is more dominant among men where excessive hair loss may lead to baldness, this problem could possibly be caused by some factors that would be discussed as you read on. Worry less as I understand how you feel about losing your hair – it frustrating but your quest shall be granted freely in this article today.
So in the course of providing some remedies to hair fall problem, the following sub-heads shall be discussed.

     §  Symptoms of hair fall problem
     §  Causes of hair fall problem
     §  Solution to hair fall problem
     §  Prevention of hair fall problem


You won’t experience hair loss overnight; you should beware of hair fall problem once you start experiencing the following below;

      1.       Thinning of the hair; this is condition where your hair begins to reduce in thickness and volume. This symptom is likely to start showing from the forehead thereby drawing a line like the letter W which is in the case of men but for women they are most likely to have some part of their hair begin to widen.  

      2.       Baldness in the middle of the hair; once you begin to notice some bald spots in the middle of your hair where most times these bald spot become really smooth as if hair have never grown from that part of the scalp before then there is need to find a solution quickly or see your doctor.  You are also likely to experience some itch on those affected parts of the hair before they eventually fall.   

      3.       Hair loss all over the body; when you notice are hair fall all over the body then there is problem. This could be as a result of cancer medication though it is known that after some period of time the hair fall problem should be over.



Hair fall problem could be caused by various factors where some of them are controllable and others cannot be controlled. Where those one that can be controlled will always have a solution and the uncontrollable ones too can always be prevented. So below are some of the causes of hair fall in men and women.

      1.       Genetics and heredity; if you are so worried about your lack of hair and you’ve tried several techniques to make you grow a lot of hair then I will advise you to make a research. Run a check on your family lineage because there is need to confirm if anybody among them is carrying a gene of baldness so as to reduce your stress over your hair fall problem. If confirmed true then you should know that this cause is not controllable but it can be maintained and prevented. So continue reading as the prevention of hair loss and care of the hair shall be communicated in this article.

      2.       Lack of valuable nutrients; this can actually be caused by you and for this reason – it is controllable. You body system must have been lacking some nutrients that can aid you hair growth. Nutrients like iron, zinc, proteins, copper are all essential for hair growth and you should also note that deficiency of Vitamin D which can easily be gotten from early morning sun may lead to your hair falling. So always remember to tap the juice of early morning sun – it is actually a free gift of nature.

      3.       Recent medications; you must have probably taken some drugs recently whose their side effect could have led to your hair fall problem. Try to figure this out, if it comes out to be true then be patient because hair loss due to this cause is temporary and also try to avoid such drugs or medications next time. Birth control pills, drugs and medications for arthritis, high blood pressure, depression and heart disease are most likely to be responsible for your hair fall problem. Know the side effects of any drugs you are taking into your body system in other to avoid regrets later.

     4.       Stress; It is known that people who tend to go through a lot of stress are most likely to experience hair loss for a long period of time but not permanent. So try to always relax your nerve by having enough rest and sleep, doing some exercises and any other activities and can make you feel good.

      5.       Harmful hair supplements; Not all hair supplements for hair treatment are to be used excessively because some of them contain harmful chemicals like the sodium laurel sulfate(SLS) which is capable of damaging hair follicles thereby affecting hair growth.  So do not use any hair treatment in excess so as to avoid losing your hair – you should preferably use natural hair shampoos.

      6.       Hormonal changes; you are most likely to experience some hormonal imbalances probably due to thyroid issues, pregnancy, menopause, childbirth and other hormonal change that lead to your loss of hair.

      7.       Ageing; you should know that as you grow older your body system won’t function actively compared to your youth days so the same is applied to your hair growth. The rate at which your hair grows will be reduced and also your hair becomes fine, grayish and thin where this is also an uncontrollable factor. The best remedy is to maintain it is by eating a lot of high nutritious foods to keep you youthful.




Like I said earlier, some causes of hair fall problem are controllable while others are uncontrollable. The uncontrollable causes can actually be prevented while the solutions to the controllable ones will be shall be discussed below. 

      1.       USING COCONUT MILK; this milk is known to contain nutrients like proteins and some essential fats that are capable of making your hair grow faster, thereby stopping hair fall. The preparation of this milk is enumerated below.
·         Get a coconut and grind it to pulp.
·         Heat it on your cooker for about five minutes
·         Squeeze out the liquid and allow it to cool.
·         Get some fenugreek seeds and back peppers.
·         Crush them in separate containers
·         Add one spoon of each the grinded peppers and fenugreek seeds to your cooled coconut milk.
·         Mix it and apply it on your scalp.
·         Leave for about 20 minutes and then rinse it with shampoo.

      2.       USING EGG WHITE; eggs are known to contain almost all the valuable nutrients you may ever think of. They are phosphorous, iodine, zinc, proteins, selenium and different forms of vitamins where all these work together to promote the growth of your hair. The method of preparation and application can be found below.
·         Get an egg white in a container.
·         Add a spoon of olive oil and honey each in the container of the egg and then beat the mixture to paste.
·         Apply it to the root of your scalp.
·         Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair.
     3.       USING GREEN TEA; teas generally are good for the health where green tea is essentially rich in anti – oxidants that can aid your hair growth. How you can use green tea as a solution to hair fall problem is enumerated below.
·         Boil two cups of water or more considering your hair length.
·         Add three bags of green tea and allow it to cool.
·         Pour the cooled tea over your hair making sure that it reaches your scalp in the course of massaging your hair.
·         Wait for about one hour and then rinse with a cool water.

    4.       USING ALOE VERA; Aloe Vera can be found in most beauty supplements where hair growth is not excluded. It is also known to reduce hair problem like itching and flaking. Check out how Aloe Vera can solve your hair fall problem below.
·         Extract the liquid substance from the Aloe Vera.
·         Apply it on your scalp and hair.
·         Wait for about an hour for it to be effective.
·         Rinse your hair with ordinary water.
·         Repeat the whole process for about four times a week for more effectiveness

    5.       USING ONION JUICE; onion is actually not only useful in the kitchen, they are highly beneficial for the health. An onion is capable of fighting against infections in the scalp where the presence of sulfur can also aid the circulation of blood to the hair follicles. With these properties, it can help in improving your hair growth thereby serving as a solution to your hair fall problem. See how to use onion juice below;
·         Extract the juice of the onion by grinding it and squeeze out the juice in a container.
·         Get a cotton wool and dip it in the juice and then apply on your scalp.
·         Allow it to remain on your hair for about 30minuites.
·         Wash your hair with shampoo and ordinary water.
·         Repeat the whole process every week and watch your hair grow again.


Yes to those that don’t have a problems with hair growth yet but feel like preventing it and also those whose hair fall problems are caused by some uncontrollable factors discussed earlier. Below are some ways you can prevent hair fall problem or probably maintain it – that is if the cause of your hair cannot be controlled.

  •    Ensure you wash your hair with natural shampoos regularly.
  • Avoid using hair supplements that contain harmful chemicals.
  • Eat a lot of healthy diets that are rich in proteins and irons.
  • Stay away from drugs and medications that can lead to your loss of hair.
  • Avoid plaiting tight hairstyles.
  • Ensure your massage your hair regularly with oil that suits your scalp.
  • Avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily.
  • Avoid combing your hair when it is still very wet.
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water.
  • Make use of the hair conditioners regularly.

Having gone through the above, it is left for you to decide if you want to continue with your hair fall problem or take advantage of the solution given – the choice is yours, take action. I believe you have benefitted from this article for free, so share using the share buttons below for your friends to also benefit. Drop your comments below if you still have something to ask or contribute concerning hair fall problem.







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