Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women That Personal Trainers Are Hiding From You

Weight Loss Workout Plan for Women That Personal Trainers Are Hiding From You



It is obvious that women are more concerned about their weight compared to men because weight mass is believed to be another beauty factor which is one of the reasons we would be discussing about weight loss workout plan for women in this article today.

I guess you must have found some other weight loss exercise plans out there but they seem not to give you exactly what you are looking for right? Now this is the gist – there is actually no perfect workout plan for weight loss because there is no guarantee that a single workout plan for weight loss will work for every women out there – this is because what's good for me maybe bad for you and what is bad for you may be good for me so therefore it is left for you to discover what actually works for you.

How do I discover what actually works for me? I know that's the question that just popped up your mind. Now, I am going to use an example to illustrate what I am actually taking about. Here is a scenario where Mrs. A and Mrs. B are both on a weight loss journey, on the long run they found a workout plan for weight loss which they feel they should begin to work on. But unfortunately, the workout plan only worked for Mrs. A leaving Mrs. B disappointed. Why?  This is because Mrs. B was allergic to the diet and exercises recommended in the workout plan while Mrs. A was comfortable with it. Now how can we help in this kind of situation?

Well, I would advise that whenever a woman finds a particular workout plan for weight loss, then it is left for her to always find a substitute to the recommended diets and exercises if she discovers that she is allergic to such diets and exercises.

Before I proceed, I will like to remind you that doing any form of exercise for weight loss without proper diets will be like a waste of time because they work hand in hand to achieve your weight loss goal. Same condition is applied to those who want to gain weight or add fat  . The secret to achieving your weight loss goal is to burn more calories than you consume and that is why this article is here to make that achievable. I will try as much as possible to provide some substitutes for the recommended diets and exercises in other to help reduce your stress of looking out for the best weight loss workout plan for women. Checkout the workout plan for weight loss below;

DAY 1 – Training your total body

DAY 2 – Doing some cardiovascular exercises

DAY 3 – Practice foam rolling

DAY 4 – Training your total body

DAY 5 – Attending a group fitness class

DAY 6 – Training your total body
DAY 7 - Rest

Now see how you can do these weight loss exercise plans at home by yourself.


Before you begin to carry out your weight loss work out plan, it is necessary you warm up for it by training your total body. Below are the exercises and diets for the day;

·         Dumbbell Bench Press; Get a bench and lie flat on your back, allowing your butt, head, feet, and back to all lie too. Do about 12 reps of the bench press, see the image below.

Dumbbell Bench Press

·         Plank; the image below illustrates how plank is done. You should be in that position for about 30 seconds.


·          Lying isometric Y; you should hold on to this position for not less than 30 seconds. You may keep your legs down for more convenience.

Lying Isometric

·         Body weight squat; About 17 reps of this squat should be enough for you.  If don't know what squatting means then see the picture below.

Body Weight Squat

·          Dumbbell Row; Do about 15 reps on each arm. See the image below.

Dumbbell Row

·         Box step up; Swing your arms as you step up and down off the box. Do about 15 reps on each leg.

Box Up Step Up

Repeat the whole process three times with at least a minute rest interval. As I said earlier that exercising without proper diet won’t be very effective, so below is the diet plan for - Day 1.

Day 1 Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Breakfast –Prepare a banana sandwich and peanut butter with, two slices of wheat bread, a full sliced banana, two spoons full of peanut butter and a spoon full of drizzle honey. Get one of the slices of wheat bread and spread your peanut butter, drizzle honey, and sliced bananas on it, then close with the other slice of wheat bread. You can now enjoy you breakfast for Day 1.

Lunch – Baked or roasted chicken breast together with one full garden salad, tomatoes, onion, and one spoon full oil and vinegar. Then drink enough water.

Dinner – A cup of brown rice, a cup of boiled broccoli, garden salad, a glass of white wine, and water with a slice of lime in it.


Exercises like running, walking, swimming, jogging, dancing, cycling, and e.t.c including sprint trainings.

  • Pick any of the exercises listed above.
  • Do it for about 60 seconds non – stop
  • And then do 10 times of it.

Day 2 is a kind of fun compared to Day 1 right? Well, it's no fun anyway – the aim is to achieve your weight loss goal. So let's get down to the weight loss diet plan for day 2.

DAY 2 Diet Plan for Weight loss

Breakfast – Take a bran muffin, a turkey breakfast sausage, an orange, a glass of non-fat milk, a cup herbal tea.

Launch – a low sodium chicken noodle soup with six saltine crackers, an apple, and water.

Dinner – Turkey breast milk of about 8 ounce, a cup of baked beans, a cup of cooked kale, a cup of cooked carrot, and a glass of wine.


After going through a lot of rigorous exercises for weight loss in day 1 and day 2, day 3 is here to make you feel better. Foam rolling and stretching have been said to aid your body mobility and flexibility. So as a woman who wants to lose weight fast. Make research, there are over 10,000 steps of foam rolling that can help you achieve your weight loss goal fast. Below is the diet plan for Day 3.

Day 3 diet plan for weight loss

Breakfast – Take a cup of wheat flakes, a cup of non fat milk and a spoon full of sugar. Also eat a banana, a mixture of a slice of grain toast and peanut butter, and a cup of herbal tea or black coffee.

Lunch – A wrap of tuna with a wheat flour tortilla, a can of drained water packed tuna, a spoon full of mayonnaise, lettuce, a sliced tomato, a sliced avocado, and a glass of non fat milk.

Dinner – Little amount of garden salad together with tomatoes, onions and a spoon full of salad dressing. Top it up with serving lasagna and a cup of non – fat milk.


Just repeat all you did on Day 1 and don’t forget the recommended diets on day 1, the substitutes to these recommended diet will be discussed before the end of this article as I promised earlier. Down to Day 5;


Weight loss workout plan for women may not be complete without the addition of this section. It is necessary you mix up with people whom you share the same goal with, so as not to feel isolated. It will also help you learn from other people and for other people to learn from you. On this day you move out and make your weight loss workout plan fun.

Day 5 diet plan for weight loss

Breakfast – Take piece of French toast with a spoonful of maple syrup, a poached egg, turkey bacon, and a glass of orange juice.

Lunch – Get a veggie burger together with a whole grain bun, a cup of dry beans, and low fat milk 

Dinner - A cup of brown beans, a cup of brown rice, little amount of garden salad together with two spoonful of salad dressing. Step it down with a glass of beer and sparkling water with lime slice.


Repeat everything you did on day 1 and day 5 including the diets.


Now that you have gone through the whole weight loss workout plan for women from Day 1 to Day 6, it is very important you rest. Resting will make all you have done to be really effective and also increase your endurance for the exercises. Resting will help rebuild your broken muscle fibers and in the process make you stronger. On this day it is really important you take a lot of foods rich in proteins because proteins will help increase your body rate of metabolism by about 30%. Immediately this happens, it will make the protein diet last longer for you - thereby reducing hunger and prevent you from eating foods that may damage your weight loss workout plan.


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  • Fried foods
  • White bread
  • Candy bars
  • Fruit juice
  • Pastries
  • Ice creams
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate bars
  • And other foods that have high fat and calorie content


Find out the substitutes to the recommended diets in the workout plan above as I promised earlier. Here are some of the diet substitutes.

Breakfast – a cup of cooked oatmeal together with two cups of blueberries, a glass of non fat milk and one spoon full of almond silver.

Launch – eat about 8 ounce of baked chicken breast, garden salad with a mixture of tomatoes, onions and two spoonful of salad dressing. You may also consume a baked tomato, a whole wheat dinner roll and drink a glass of water.

Dinner – consume three ounce of grilled salmon, a cup of black beans, Swiss chard, and brown rice – a cup each. Then drink sparking water with lemon slice.

I know it is not always easy for you to stick to a particular diet plan except you get used to it. Here is an advice for you – with the diet plan given to you above, you can always formulate a better diet plan for yourself as long as they provide approximately the same nutritional values the one you formulated. I also believe that with this, your search a perfect weight loss workout plan for women is over. So bookmark this page so that you can always make reference to it. Don't forget that there are people out there who also need this, ensure you use the social share buttons below. Let us know what you think by dropping your comments below about this weight loss workout plan for women.

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