Orthodontic Treatment For Adult Braces

Orthodontic Treatment For Adult Braces

Everything to know about adult braces orthodontic treatment


Do you feel embarrassed by your smile sometimes?
Do most of your pictures portray you with a pursed smile?
 Have you ever considered teeth braces?
How about finding out the orthodontic treatment for adults

 Yes! You heard it right. Teeth braces are not only for teenagers anymore; adults too can get teeth braces now. Teeth braces are not only for misaligned teeth, but they also make your jaws stronger and your bite healthy. No age for braces for adults is too old. Some people even get adult braces at the age of seventy-eight. If you are someone who wants to beautify your smile, then no one could stop you.

But before getting into the whole shenanigan, it is essential to know every detail of what you are getting into.

What to ask your dentist on your appointment?

Ask the following questions to make sure you are capable of handling braces:

How long will one have to wear the braces?

What is the total cost of the procedure, including check-ups post the process?

Which is the best kind of braces for someone according to his or her teeth?

Does the insurance covers the cost of the braces?

How often does one have to visit the dentist after the procedure?

Note the answers to every question. If your dentist is reluctant to answer any of them, consider consulting another orthodontist. Though there is no limit to age for braces for adults, you have to be very careful about your choices.

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How many kinds of braces are there?

There are four different kinds of braces. Though your orthodontist will choose the right one for you, but it is better to know each type beforehand:

Regular braces:

These braces have been in existence for a long time. In this process, the braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth so that they slowly move over time. The process will be repeated 4 to 6 weeks, and gradually, your teeth or jaw will move to the correct place. It takes on an average of 2 years for the process to be completed.

Other braces:

Unlike regular metallic braces, these braces are made of ceramic. The bracket will be the exact colour of your teeth so that, no one would notice your braces. You could also attach the metal wires to the back of your teeth to make it even more unnoticeable. These cost more than the metallic ones.

Clear aligners:

Technically these are not braces and do not have wires attached to them. They are plastic plates which are the same size as that of your teeth. While brushing or eating, you can easily take them out. Aligners are best used for gaping the tooth gap.


Veneers exist in pieces, and they are attached to an existing tooth. It is usually used to cover a chipped tooth. They do not make your teeth better. They exist for vanity purpose.

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What happens after the procedure of getting braces?

You need to follow the things mentioned below to make your process successful:

Always make time for dental check-ups:

Every four to six weeks apart, you have to go to the dentist to make sure your teeth are going in the right direction.

Be careful with what you eat:

You have to be very picky about what you eat because most of the food items will break your brackets before time.

Regularly floss:

If you already flossed before, do that with more time now. Maintaining hygiene, with braces is going to be very difficult.
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