Dark Spots On Face Treatment, Creams and Home Remedies

Dark Spots On Face Treatment, Creams and Home Remedies

Dark Spots On Face Working Remedies That I Discovered Lately

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Having dark spots on face is quite challenging especially when you’re still at your youth age. I could remember vividly how these dark spots on my face then in high school lowered my self esteem whenever I am with my female peers. Then I used to be every girls choice not until dark spots came to damage my face. At a point I became very worried, so I was left with no option than using random skin supplements which in turn made my face more horrible. 

Well before I proceed, l should let you know the cause of the dark spots of my face then. Dark spots on face could be caused by some factors which would be discussed in this article as you read on but mine was caused by acne and pimples. As you already know that youths especially in Africa has a problem with acne and pimples. That’s a topic for another day, now having used a whole lot of different skin supplements because nobody around me seem to know a working remedy for dark spots on face. So I embark on a research on how I could get rid of dark spots on face for myself and the people with similar problem around me. Below is the outcome of the research ;

Note: So many people have been asking questions like;

What causes dark spots on face?
Home remedies to remove dark spots on face.
Dermatologist treatment for dark spots on face.
Best over the counter cream for dark spots on face 
Ways to prevent dark spots on face.

I am going to be taking each of the section gradually till you get to know most things concerning dark spots on face. If you are a type that does not like long stories but needs an urgent solution , you may quickly scroll down to the section where I talked about the best over the counter cream for dark spots on face. But if you can be a little bit patient let’s get started with the causes of dark spots on face.

What causes dark spots on face?

When you’re exposed to Ultra Violet light: The most common source of ultra Violet light is the SUN and is there ever a way avoid this ? Well, Incase you know it, kindly reserve your answer for the comment section. Meanwhile there are other artificial sources of Ultra Violet light where a good example is the tanning bed. Now this Ultra Violet light is a major cause of dark spots on face which often lead to Hyperpigmentation of the skin. So what this implies is that whenever you have any course to expose yourself to UV light, kindly find a protective measure.

Skin Infections: This was what actually caused my darks spots on face back then in high school but mine was pimples to be precise. Well there are so many other skin Infections that could cause your dark spots on face which include; acne, chloasma, poklioderma of civatte, riehels melanosis, melasma, erythromelanosis follicularis, linea nigra, inflammation, wound healing, amongst others.

Medication: Have you ever thought of your recent medication? If yes, then you need to be sure that they are not the cause of the dark spots on your face. Examples of medications that could lead to having dark spots on face include estrogens, tetracycline, sulfonamides, phenytoin  phenothiazine,  amiodarone, and some of there likes. Once you notice any kind of harmful reactions on your skin while taking these medications, it is advisable to look for a better alternative but in the absence of non – you should see your doctor if you truly care for your skin.

Find out other causes of dark spots on face below;

Excessive intake of iron 
Pituitary tumors 
Addison’s disease
Liver disease
Amongst others

Home Remedies To Remove Dark Spots On Face

1. Use of Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera is known worldwide for it’s numerous health and beauty benefits. It is know to be a remedy to various skin Infections you may ever think of including treating the dark spots on face. Below we talked about how to use Aleo Vera Gel for treatment of dark spots on face.

Get a leaf of an Aloe Vera Plant.
Use a sharp knife to cut out the spine 
Peel the outer surface of the Aloe Vera Leaf.
You may find some brown yellowish substances, ensure you wash them off.
Extract the gel in a container.
Wash your face with warm water.
Apply evenly on the dark spots on your face.
Allow it to stick to your face for about 30 minutes.
Rinse your face with warm water 
Repeat the whole process in the morning and at night.
Do this daily till you get your desired result.

Well if you could remember vividly, I was talking about how I got rid of the dark spots on my face. Yes the Aloe Vera method was what I used.  Therefore you can try it out and come back here to share your testimony. 

2. Use of lemon;  Lemon is naturally and organically acid. This properties have made it possible for it to clear or fade dark spots on face gradually. Due to this effect lemon has been a major supplement to some whitening creams and also it is known to be an anti septic agent. Removing excessive oil and dirt’s from our skin. Below is how to use lemon to get rid of dark spots on face.

Get your lemon fruit and cut into halves
Apply directly on the affected areas
Allow 10mins for it to stick your face.
Rinse your face with warm water

Meanwhile some people’s skin may be really sensitive, so use this method below if you are one of them;

Cut the lemon into two halves.
Squeeze the juice in a container.
Spill one to two spoons of water in the container depending on the quantity of the lemon juice
Mix it and get a cotton wool
Use the cotton wool to gently dab the mixture on the affected area of your skin
Allow about 10 minutes for it to dry up
Rinse off your face with warm water

You are advised to repeat this process consistently for two months but if you can’t wait for that long why not get Zeta White From The Manufacturers Website Here. It is a highly recommended for those that wants to fade dark spots on their face and skin generally. The cream is being shipped worldwide with 100% money back guarantee.


3. Use of buttermilk; Just like lemon, buttermilk is said to have it’s own bleaching property which has made it possible to fade dark spots on face. See the guide below on how to clear dark spots on face using buttermilk.

Get the buttermilk and apply on the affected area of your face.
Leave it on your face for about 20 to 30 minutes
Wash off your face with warm water.
Apply a skin moisturizer or serum on your face.
Repeat the whole process daily till you get the desired result

Note: Incase your skin type is an oily one, it is advisable you mix your buttermilk with lemon in the first place.

4. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar: This is yet another effective substance that can fade your dark spots with ease. It is capable of drying off spots and has also been recorded to treat other skin infections. So why not take advantage of this. Allow the steps below to guide you on how to use Apple Cider Vinegar to treat dark spots on face.

Measure the same quantity of water and apple cider vinegar in a container
Stir the mixture well
Apply on the affected area on your face
Allow it to dry on your face.
Rinse your face with warm water.
You may add orange juice and lemon to the mixture for more effectiveness.
Repeat this process above daily till you get your desired result.

5. Use of Papaya: Papaya is capable of replacing skin cells with better ones . It can also be used to get rid of dark spots on face fast. Below is how to use it.

Get a green Papaya with it’s skin peeled.
Remove the seeds.
Use a blender to blend it till it becomes paste like.
Apply this Papaya paste on your dark spots
Allow about 20 minutes for it to dry up.
Rinse your face with warm water
Repeat this amazing steps daily till you get desired result.

Dermatologist treatment for dark spots of face

Yes, it is very normal for a person to visit a dermatologist when he or she cannot handle the gravity of the situation of the dark spots on his or her face. The truth is when you visit dermatologists, they will carry out a medical examination on your skin in other to know the medical history of the dark spots on your face . This examination is known has woods lamp skin exam which requires a special device that emits dark light for identification of kind of dark spots, thereby figuring out the causes and medications to use for it.

Best over the counter cream for dark spots on face


Having talked about some home made remedies to remove dark spots on face, here comes Zeta White!

It has been one of the best creams over the years for skin whitening and also capable of fading dark spots. It is made from some of the homemade products we discussed earlier like the Papaya Extract and Lemon . The other two major extracts are Liquorice and Allantoin which make the cream 100% natural skin whitening product.
For those who have dark patches on their face and skin due to excessive exposure to sunlight or any other cause, Zeta White is also capable of toning your skin.

Amazing Benefits of Zeta White

It is 100% safe, 100% natural, and 95% organic.
It is known to work on all types of skin.
It is a premium product that is produced in the UK.
You can get it in any part of the world you are because it is shipped worldwide
It is the only skin lighten cream that is capable of working both day and night.
It fades dark spots and patches on skin.
It is free from Paraben, Sulfate, Alcohol and SLS
It is not tested on Animals
It is suitable for Vegans
It is 3 values in one pack – you find the face lightening wash, lightening moisturizer, and lightening night cream.
It gives 100% life time money back guarantee

Does it stop the production of melanin?
 No , but it reduces the effect of the sun on the skin to produce melanin, thereby making your dark spots lighter and your skin as a whole.

How to use: Apply this cream consistently on your skin for about 2 – 3 months for you to get the maximum benefits.

Result: You expected to start seeing changes after about 2 – 3 weeks of consistency.

Testimonies: Here are what people are saying below;

Now that you have seen how this cream can help you ease your skin worries including lightening dark spots on your skin.

Now before it’s becomes too late because right now it is being shipped worldwide and you have 100% money back guarantee. So quickly rush by clicking the link below.


Buy now as to enjoy the amazing benefits you may not find elsewhere because that is their manufacturer’s official website.
You should also bookmark this page so as to always make reference to it.

Way to prevent dark spots on face

Incase you are reading this article for preventing purpose then below are some advises that will be useful for you if truly you truly want to prevent dark spots from coming to your face. And also to those that have previously cured dark spots on face , then this part is for you. Check them out.

1. Avoid excessive exposure to Ultra Violet Light
2. Ensure allow your wounds heal naturally – don’t always peel wounds that are about drying up
3. Ensure you always check out for the side effects of any medications you are about taking
4. Do rinse off your face with warm and clean water regularly
5. Make you use quality creams for your skin
6. Watch your diet – avoid diets that may lead to acne inflammation

Conclusion: Now make sure that everything you have just read concerning dark spots on face should be taken into action. Never try to be ignorant about your skin beauty because there are various options listed above for you to try out as really serious person but if non seem to be your favorite then see a dermatologist.

Ensure you use the social share button below to spread this wonderful article to the world, someone may be dying to see this presently so spread the love. Also remember to share your thoughts below and if you have had any recent experience with dark spots on face , kindly let us how you went about it in the comment section. Thanks . We hope to see you here again !

Disclaimer: The information found on this site is for informational purpose only. If you have a skin problem that you can’t handle, it is advisable you visit a dermatologist to lay your complaints.

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