What Happens If You Lose Your Virginity Before 22? – The Mysteries Behind Lost Virginity

What Happens If You Lose Your Virginity Before 22? – The Mysteries Behind Lost Virginity

What happens if you lose your virginity before 22? - The Truth 


“What happens if you lose your virginity before 22?  She collected the micro phone and asked the presenter. At this point, everyone in the hall became curious !”

You should be wondering what brought about this excerpt above by now. Well I attended a career development program that was held in my school where the presenter laid emphases on how having an unprotected sex could jeopardize ones beautiful career. One thing led to the other until a girl told the presenter that she wanted to ask a question and her question was “what happens if you lose your virginity before 22 ? "

Few seconds after the presenter had quickly brainstormed and she finally came up with the answer to her question. Meanwhile I want just observing and taking notes of some important things she was saying because I already taught to myself that there are other people online who are dying to get an answer to this question. Don’t worry grab a cup of coffee while you read on !

What does losing virginity mean?

The state of virginity is a period in ones life when one has no sexual experience and once you have had sex, you are said to have lost your virginity. Well, virginity has always been a thing of value right from when our early men lived even if the value has dropped down a little bit – yes almost every youth who have not gotten to the age of 22 wants to know how sweet sex can be. The most common physical sign of lost virginity is bleeding after first time sex, meanwhile that’s not always true but a topic for another day !

Well the answer to that question is that there absolutely nothing that will happen if you lose your virginity before 22 But ! Yes there is a BUT . There are some risks that you are likely to be exposed to if you lose your virginity before 22 and those risks are what we would be discussing in today’s article.

Your  Career May Be Affected Negatively: 
Like I said earlier that the presenter at our school program laid emphases on how sex at an earlier age may kill once career. Yes that’s the truth ! At the age of 22 most people after the age of 22 are said to have become a fully grown adult who can take responsibility of the consequences of their action but in the reversed case, it has not always been proven to be possible. Your career is something that requires full focus, determination, and hard work for success to be recorded but losing your virginity before 22 will bring about distraction either emotionally and physically. So why not wait till your wedding night ? Funny right, anyway it’s not.

Probability Of Contacting STDs: Yes I know anyone can get infected with STDs weather before 22 or after 22. Well this risk of contacting STDs before 22 is relatively higher than contacting it after 22. This is because at this stage - that is the stage before 22, a girl or boy knows little or less about the risks of having unprotected sex. Just because they are just beginning to have sex, they feel they are doing it right considering what they hear from other people and what most of them see in porn movies.

You may get addicted to sex: This is just the truth. Once you taste the sweetness of sex, you are bound to always come for more, especially when the person is always available for you. Not getting addicted to sex takes a little bit of self discipline and counselling. You should also note that getting addicted to sex before 22 may turn out to be a life problem.

You will get used to your partner: Yes most youths after losing their virginity right before the age of 22 begin to feel like they lost something highly valuable to someone else. Yes it is a very common feeling as you already know that virginity has always been a thing of value. Losing it to somebody else makes you get more emotionally connected to that person.

You may be left disappointed: Yes ! If you do watch porn, you will see how long those guys stayed having sex and also how enjoyable they make sex seem to be. If you continue to see sex like that in the real life that way, there is high probability you get disappointed. Why? Because those sexual activities you watch in porn movies are result of a lot of practice even before the camera begins to record. Meanwhile you that have little or no experience wants to have same kind of sex which is relatively not possible.

It May Hurt : In most cases your partner too may  be inexperienced which can make the sex awful and painful. The vagina may not be lubricated enough before penetration occur just because of the anxiety that you are just beginning to have sex and even your partner may not be aware of this, thereby you begin to bleed in your private parts. Why not wait till you get after the age of 22, probably by then you must have learnt a lot about how sex actually works.

There are other risks of losing your virginity before 22 like ; regression immediately after losing your virginity, inability to decide on your own but depending on your partner,  getting a lot of social pressures, amongst others

As virginity is known to have some kind of emotional and spiritual attachment to it, below are some questions you should ask your self before you start thinking of loosing your virginity before 22.

Am I ready to lose my virginity?

Am I loosing my virginity because of some body wants it ?

If things go wrong , can I be able to carry the blame?

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And other questions related to the risk of loosing your virginity before 22!
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