Ear Infection In Babies – Everything You Should Know Before The Next 24 Hours

Ear Infection In Babies – Everything You Should Know Before The Next 24 Hours

Ear Infection In Babies - Causes, Symptoms, Remedies And Preventions


Ear infection in babies are often as a result of bacteria and viruses that lead to inflammation and swelling of the middle ear. This infection is most likely to occur between the ear drum and the eustachian tube – Meanwhile tugging is a major sign of ear infection.

Understanding the body language of babies sometimes can be really challenging because whenever a baby begins to cry more frequently than normal, the major message that gets to the mother is that the baby is hungry. This is not always true because so many other things could be going wrong with the baby which include wet diapers, hunger, colic, growing tooth, and others.

Now, a major body language for ear infection in babies is noticed when the baby begins to pull or tug at its ear and also cry more frequently at the same time. Meanwhile, according to research, baby are more prone to ear infection compared to adult because of their undeveloped immune system and also the shape of their eustachian tube.

Do not bother your head any longer because everything you need to know about ear infection in babies will be actually covered in this article today. I know there are some set of people searching about middle ear infection in babies, double ear infection in babies and so many others but don’t stress yourself because we will be covering ear infection in babies generally. Therefore below are some of the subheads we will be covering today.

The causes of ear infection in babies

The symptoms of ear infection in babies

Babies who are at higher risk of getting ear infection.

Baby ear infection treatments that are recommended for you

How to prevent ear infection in babies.

The Causes Of Ear Infection In Babies

Well, if  you have actually read this article to this point, you should have a tip of the actually causes of ear infection in babies. Anyway, I am not a bad person, I will remind you some of the causes of ear infection in babies I mentioned earlier and also summarize them in bullet points for you below;

Ear infection in babies is majorly caused by bacteria and viruses.

This infection could trigger as a result of cold that gets into the throat, thereby making your eustachian tube swollen.

A swollen eustachian tube is highly prone to ear infection.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Infection In Babies 

At this juncture, you should familiarize yourself with some major signs and symptoms of ear infection in babies so that you don’t get lost whenever your baby begins to cry more than normal. So below are some major signs and symptoms that tells you loud that your baby has a ear infection.

When the baby begins to feel feverish

When the baby begins to have difficulty in sleeping

When the baby begins to tug and pull at its ear frequently

When the baby becomes fussy

When the baby stops being sensitive to quiet sounds

When fluid begins to drop from the babies ear

When the baby begins to get dizzy

When the baby begins to lose appetite

When the baby gets diarrhea and also begins to vomit

When the baby cries more often than normal

Babies Who Are At Higher Risk Of Getting Infected With Ear Infection 

There are some babies that are at higher risk of getting ear infection but all seem to depend on the kind of environmental exposure your baby gets. Some examples of these babies are enumerated below.

Babies that attend day care are at higher risk because they seem to be more exposed to cold.

Babies that have allergies too belong to this list

Babies that are exposed to cigarette smoke too are at higher risk of being infected. Why?  This is actually because this cigarette smoke is capable of causing inflammation in their eustachian tube, thereby exposing their ears to bacteria and viruses.

Babies that are not well breast fed can be highly prone to ear infection because breastfeeding has been proven to contain some major antibodies that fights against infections.

Babies that have cleft palate are at risk of getting infected because most of them have their eustachian tube inflamed.

Babies that are bottle fed while lying on their back – this is a major reason you should always position your baby in a sitting posture whenever you are bottle feeding the baby because bottle feeding a baby while lying can make milk get to the eustachian tube which in turn leads to inflammation.

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Baby Ear Infection Treatments That Are Recommended For You 

1. The use of Antibiotics: Antibiotics should be the first thing that come to ones mind whenever one wants to fight against bacteria and viruses. But in the case of ear infection, mothers are often  advised to wait for at least days after noticing the infection because research has it that children are likely to recover from ear infection without antibiotics. It was also proven that the use of antibiotics can make the bacteria and virus be resistant to ear in the future. Therefore antibiotics should only be used as a short term solution for ear infection in babies above 6months and prescribed for babies under 6months. The excessive use of antibiotics has led diarrhea and vomiting in about 15% of babies according to a research carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP). Below are some ear infection antibiotics list you can try out. 

Potassium Clavulanate 
Acetic Acid

Well, we have had enough about the ear infection antibiotics list for babies . So we will continue with baby ear infection home remedy and other medications below. 

2. The use of warm compress : Using warm compress has been a treatment for ear infection in babies for some time now and has been really effective. Warm compress can be more or less a home remedy for treating ear infections. All you have to do is to actually moist compress over your baby's ear for about 10 to 15 minutes in other to suppress pains in the ear. 

3. The use of warm oil: Here is just another good home remedy for ear infection in babies. As you may have known that oil has a whole lot of beneficial uses that cannot be underestimated – therefore using warm oil for ear infection treatment should not be a surprise. Ensure you confirm if fluid is not dropping from your baby’s infected ear, having confirmed this – get a warm olive oil or sesame oil and then drop it in the infected area of the ear. 

4. The use of Acetaminophen: This one of the most recommended treatment for ear infection in babies. It is a medication that is prescribed for babies above 6 months old. It is known to act as a pain reliever for babies. It is also capable of fighting fever in the body. The best period to give your baby Acetaminophen is before the baby goes to bed at night. 

5. Get your baby hydrated: Well, this arguably the easiest ear infection home remedy for your baby and also an effective one. This is so because giving your baby a lot of fluid can open up the blocked eustachian tube, thereby draining all the trapped fluid. You can actually get your baby hydrated by giving him/her a lot of water. 

6. The use of homeopathic ear drops: Well, this is actually one of the most common treatment for ear infection because of it healing components. Some of these components include lavender, garlic, mullein, calendula, and olive oil which all work together to fight against ear infection. You can get this homeopathic ear drop in any health care store around you or easily other online. 

7. Elevating your baby’s head : Well,  this may sound awkward but it has been proven to improve the condition of ear infection in babies. Elevating your baby’s head will help improve the baby’s sinus drainage. You are thereby advised not to place the pillow directly under the baby’s head but you should place under the mattress instead. You may also chose to elevate your baby sitter a little bit higher. 

How To Prevent Ear Infection In Babies 

I guess we have been able to cover some recommended treatments for ear infection in babies in the section above but do you know how to prevent these ear infection from reoccurring?  Well if NO, then you should follow the tips below;

Breastfeeding: The presence of antibodies in breast milk can protect your baby from several infections including infection of the ear. You are hereby advised to breastfeed your baby for at least a year because it will protect the baby from getting infection of the ear.

Ensure your baby is far from all kinds of second hand smoke

Ensure you stay with your baby in a clean and healthy environment

Ensure you bottle feed your baby in a semi upright position so as to avoid the baby’s formula from flowing into the eustachian tube.

Take your baby to the hospital for proper immunization and vaccination.

Ensure your baby doesn’t get foreign object into his/her ear.

Do not let your baby get exposed to cold.

Avoid the excessive use of pacifier for your baby

Conclusion: At this point we will conclude that the causes, treatment and prevention of ear infection in babies all depends on your hygienic roles of a mother to her baby. In fact everything you need to know about ear infection in babies have been covered in this article today. And also don’t forget the causes and symptoms discussed earlier because they will actually increase your consciousness about ear infections.

So therefore, if you found this article really useful, kindly use the social share button to get this information across to your friends and family. Also drop your comments and let us know what you think about ear infection in babies. 

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