How To Draw Infection Out Of A Finger In 5 Steps

How To Draw Infection Out Of A Finger In 5 Steps



Knowing how to draw infection out of a finger shouldn't be rocket science. There are proven natural finger infection treatment that you can use to fight against some common finger infections. These natural finger infection treatments can act as a first aid for you in which one of them involves drawing infections out of your finger. 

Meanwhile, before we proceed on how you can draw infection out of a finger, we expatiate the following subtopics below so as to have a broader knowledge of finger infection. 

  • Finger infection and their types
  • Causes finger infections
  • What you should know about drawing infection out of a finger. 
  • How to draw infection out of a finger. 
  • Medical finger infection treatments for different types of finger infection. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions. 
  • Some finger infection pictures

Finger Infection And Their Types 

Finger infection is an infection that occurs at the base of the fingernails which is usually caused by bacteria, virus and yeast. The most common types of finger infections include; Paronychia, Felon, Deep space, Herpetic Whitlow, Cellulitis, and Infectious Flexor Tenosynovitis. Meanwhile you will be learning how to draw these infection out of your fingernails as you read on. 

Causes of Finger Infections

Finger infection can be caused by Staphylococcus bacteria which often leads to pus or large pimples on your fingers. Meanwhile another cause is Candida (Yeast)  whose major symptoms include a red, and swollen infected finger without pus. 

These bacteria have been known to enter through the skin whenever you chew or pull out your cuticles. Which simply implies that those that are exposed to water, those that bite their nails, suck their thumb, and swim a lot are at high risk of getting finger infection. 

What You Should Know About Drawing Infection Out Of A Finger

Drawing infection out of a finger may not necessary mean you should start pulling your infected finger or fingernails. But it simply implies that whenever you notice pus coming out of your infected finger - you can actually drain the pus using the step by step guide that will be discussed in this article today. The steps on how to go about it are explained but you should be aware that this method will work only if the finger or fingernail infection is not a severe one. 

How To Draw Infection Out of A Finger In 5 Easy Steps 

STEP 1: -  Salt Solution Section - The first step to take whenever you want to draw infection out of your finger is to ensure you dip the affected finger in a mixture of salt and hot water. This will assist you in widening your skin so that all the pores will open, thereby allowing the pus draining process an easy one. As soon as this is done, ensure your dry your fingers. 

STEP 2: - Pressing Section - At this stage, you should get a sterilized sebum extractor that will be used to press the pus-filled part of the infected finger. Ensure you press it gently in order to prevent the surrounding tissue from breaking. 

STEP 3: - Draining Section - This is the main where the draining of the pus would be actually carried out. Yes,  get a sterilized needed to open a ripe spot if non has been opened before. Ensure you drain the pus out of your finger while using enough clean cotton wool ball that have been soaked in a saline solution to wipe out the pus. 
Precaution - Avoid applying iodine or peroxide because this may be too harsh for your finger tissues. 

STEP 4:- Cleaning Section - Immediately you have drained the pus from your infected finger, the next is to  wipe off the blood and apply some antibiotics ointments on the infected finger. Then get a sterilized gauze to cover the cleaned surface in order to get a speedy recovery. Ensure you change the gauze at least twice everyday and also whenever you notice a leakage. 

STEP 5:- Final note on how to draw infection infection out of a finger - This drainage method that we have just discussed is applicable if the finger infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria. But if the infection is caused by a virus known as herpes, draining the pus out should be avoiding because viruses are known to spread. In the case of herpes, some blisters will be noticed around the infected area - these blisters will spread quickly if the draining method is applied. Therefore you are advised to see your medical doctor in this kind of situation. 

Medical Finger Infection Treatment For Different Types Finger Infections

In this section of how to draw infection out of a finger, we will keep our focus on finger infection treatment of different categories of finger infection. Kindly check them out below;

  • Medical Treatment For Paronychia: Paronychia can be treated using the same processes that wounds are treated. This is treatment is can be done using the same method explained on how to draw infection out of a finger. But in a situation whereby the fingernail was the part of the finger that was Infected, then you can see a doctor. The doctor is most likely to use a scalpel at the edge of your fingernail in order to drain the pus. Meanwhile, you may be injected with an anesthesia at the edge of your fingers in order to carry out a pain free operation. 

  • Medical Treatment For Deep Space Infection: This infection is most likely to be treated with oral anti -biotics if it is mild but in a more severe situation, the attention for a surgeon may be called so as to carry out an evaluation of the infection. Meanwhile antibiotics may be given through drips. 

  • Medical Treatment For Herpetic Whitlow: The most recommended treatments for this finger infection is the use of some antiviral drugs like Zofirax or Valtrex in other to reduce the lifespan of the illness. Remember that Herpetic Whitlow is viral caused so that you don't carry out drainage and incision in order to avoid spreading to other parts of your fingers. Therefore the wound from this particular infection should be highly protected to avoid spreading. 

  • Medical treatment for cellulitis: This is a bacteria caused infection - therefore the use of antibiotics orally and through drips should be able to treat this infection. Meanwhile, you are immune system is bound to be weak, so visit the doctor to run a check on you. 

  • Medical Treatment For Felon: Felon can also be treated using the process of drawing infection out of a finger that we talked about earlier. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you see a doctor because this doctor will recommend antibiotics you should use for a quicker recovery.  But if you feel the condition is beyond your care, then visit the hospital for proper incisions and medications. 

  • Medical Treatment For Infectious Flexor Tenosynovitis: This is infection is caused by a virus which has made it really infections and demand urgent attention. The best treatment for this infection is to see a surgeon who will carry out his/her evaluation and get rid of this infection. In most cases, the use of intravenous antibiotics may be required. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions On How To Draw Infection Out Of A Finger

  • Question: How do you get rid of an infection in your finger? 
Answer: You can get rid of an infection in your finger by incision and drainage, medical treatment, use of antibiotics, and if in a critical condition use surgery. 

  • Question: How long does it take for a finger infection to go away? 
Answer: It takes approximately 5 - 10 day for a finger infection to go away if proper treatments are taken. 

  • Question: Should I drain an infected finger? 
Answer: Draining an infected finger typically depends on the nature of the infection. But if it comes in the form of pus, then you should consider applying pressure on the affected area with a cotton swab and then see the doctor to carry out an incision in order to drain the pus. 

  • Question: Will a finger infection heal on its own? 
Answer: In the case of paronychia, a finger infection should heal on its own but if it doesn't, visit your doctor. Meanwhile this infection is capable of spreading across your fingers and toes but we have barely have a recorded case of such. 

  • Question: Can salt draw out infection? 
Answer: Salt may not be a cure for infection but they have been proven to draw out infections and soften the skin in other for your medications to work effectively. Meanwhile the kind of salt that we are talking about here is Epsom Salt. 

Some Finger Infection Pictures 

In case you are wondering how a finger infection looks, below are some finger infection pictures their names tagged. 




Herpetic Whitlow 

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Conclusion: The method of drawing infection out of a finger that we discussed earlier will work only if this infection is a minor case. But if it is not, then you are advised to see your medical doctor. Meanwhile this method is applicable for bacteria caused infection and not viral. 

Disclaimer: This article was published for informational purposes only and not as a replacement for proper medical treatments.

Author : The author of this article {Tunde Rasheed}  is a health practitioner with over 3 years of experience of publishing well researched and mind-blowing contents in other to maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

If you have any questions, send it using the contact us form or send a mail to [email protected] so as to let us know what you think concerning how to draw infection out of a finger. 

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